Announcing the 5th Grade Wax Museum

Submitted by joann.kirk on Tue, 11/17/2015 - 18:13

One of the most anticipated activities of Park View is the 5th grade Wax Museum.  It will be held on November 20, 2015.  The 5th grade will be dressing up as famous people in history.  They have created posters to display in the halls, written reports, and memorized facts about their famous person.  They will perform the songs, “This is My Country”, “America Is”, “You’re a Grand Old Flag/Yankee Doodle Boy” and “God Bless the USA”.  The Wax Museum will begin at 9:45 -11:20, and if you can’t make it then, it will also be from 12:00-12:50.   In the evening, the students will also perform at 6:00 to 6:45 pm. for all family members.  Please come and support these students who have worked hard to prepare for this event.  Thanks to Mrs. Prina, Mr. Broadbent and Mr. Sueldo for their guidance.  Be watching for pictures of this year's Wax Museum.


Allie Young and Lexie Crawford. Lyndsee Slade