May 2023

National Principals Day

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We cannot pass up an opportunity to celebrate the one and only Mrs. Walker on National Principal Day! There are a lot of wonderful things to say about Mrs. Walker, but at the top of the list, is that she is a friend. She is friends with all the students, she knows every one of them by name and greets them with a smile in the morning and bids them farewell in the afternoon. She plays games out at recess and plans the funnest activities for our students. She is also a friend to the faculty and staff, only wanting the best for everyone at Park View! We love Mrs.

5th Grade Egg Launch

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The fifth graders were challenged to engineer a capsule out of a two liter soda bottle that would protect a raw egg during a launch. The capsules had to be under 500 grams. Awards were given to students whose capsules were less than 300 grams and their eggs survived the launch and impact of landing. Students used all sorts of materials to protect their eggs. There was popcorn, marshmallows, bubble wrap, styrofoam, confetti paper, grocery bags, cardboard and other materials used. We used an air compressor and water to power the egg containers during the launch.

Crystallyn Whetten