5th Grade Egg Launch

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Rocket launch set up
5th graders launching rockets
Rocket in the air!
5th graders watching rocket launch
5th graders showing off their rockets stuffed with eggs

The fifth graders were challenged to engineer a capsule out of a two liter soda bottle that would protect a raw egg during a launch. The capsules had to be under 500 grams. Awards were given to students whose capsules were less than 300 grams and their eggs survived the launch and impact of landing. Students used all sorts of materials to protect their eggs. There was popcorn, marshmallows, bubble wrap, styrofoam, confetti paper, grocery bags, cardboard and other materials used. We used an air compressor and water to power the egg containers during the launch. It turned out to be a beautiful day for this activity. Some of the bottles went really far and even landed in residential yards next to the school. The majority of the eggs remained intact. It was a successful activity overall! 

Crystallyn Whetten