Red Ribbon Week

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 10/15/2011 - 18:09
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Mrs. Toutai's first grade class on Western Day.JPG 404.33 KB
Mrs. Toutai's first grade class on slipper and silly sock day.JPG 413.42 KB
First-graders on hat day (Sadie Barben, Jonathan Gonzalez, Parker Allen, Brook Clark, Jake Wheeler, and Ashton Andrew).jpg 376.58 KB
Hat day, Ashton Andrew, first grade.jpg 220.51 KB
Mrs. Blackham's fourth-graders on silly sock day.jpg 353.47 KB
Playing Pictionary on Pajama Day, Jack Mecham and Brelynn Grammer, first grade.jpg 266.12 KB
Alyssa Baker, fifth grade.jpg 270.82 KB
Ms. Lundell's first grade students remind us that we all belong. 333.18 KB
Mrs. Barney's class says "No" to drugs. 354 KB
Mrs. McAllister's class warns, "Don't be tricked by drugs." 348.62 KB
Ms. Shumway's 5th graders say NO to drugs. 217.23 KB
Ms. Allred's class warns us drugs will make us batty. 155.81 KB
Mrs. Doxey's 6th graders challenge us to choose the right side. 196.47 KB
We want to hang with Miss VanNosdol's monkeys. They are drug free! 187.15 KB
Let's be as wise as Mrs. Smith's class and "don't give a hoot about drugs." 262.18 KB
Adrian Figueroa, Spencer Nelson, Jordan Gonzalez, and Wendy Camba promise to never do drugs. 57.06 KB
Mrs. Millet's 2nd graders say, "Drugs are scary, so stay away." 63.06 KB
Mrs. Blackham's 4th graders won't be stung by drugs. 71.59 KB
Mrs. Ewell's class believes their hands should stay off drugs 386.24 KB
Mrs. Mellen's 3rd graders remind us that drugs are a trick. 63.1 KB
Mrs. Lundgren's 6th graders promise to stay clean. Luke Eddington, Jake Ford, Hagen Wright and Braydon Bahr show their muscles because they don't do drugs. 52.65 KB
Mrs. Toutai's class is all wrapped up in being drug free. 65.03 KB
Mrs. Gull's class wants us to rest in peace knowing we are drug free. 52.73 KB

Last week Park View Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Each class decorated their door with clever ways to stay away from drugs.The students and teachers loved dressing up for the different themes each day that reminded them not to do drugs. On Monday they wore hats and said, "Put a cap on drugs." Tuesday was pajama day as students and teachers remembered to "Give drugs the snooze." On Wednesday, cowboys and cowgirls roamed the halls and said, "We-stren away from drugs." The next day students wore silly socks and slippers to "Give drugs the slip," and Friday was school spirit day--Park View Bees have learned to "Bee proud to say no."

Jessie Olsen, Joann Kirk