November Students of the Month Recognized for their Gratitude

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“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 
― Maya Angelou

Teachers at Park View were on the lookout for students who showed Gratitude throughout the month of November.  Congratulations to these students for giving, sharing and showing gratitude.

Kindergarten:  Claire Hardy, Adri Hogge, Jenna Sorenson

1st grade:  Ben Serynek, Lydia Fletcher, James Higginson, Sadie Edwards, Cole Ellsworth

2nd grade:  Teja Jacobson Myles Hawkins, Bentley Myers, Aaron Stone, Luke Fitzwater, Garrett Shirts

3rd grade:  Zoe Johnson-Pope, Tean Joel, Bryden Turnbow, Jackson Hunter, Jessica Jensen Andre Mitchell

4th grade:  Cohen Hansen, Abinadi Moreno, Emery Carroll, Mckenzie Ainscough, Max Shirts, Kelby Larson

5th grade:  Julia Humphreys, Lyndsee Slade, Quin Christensen, Lexie Crawford, Jolee Nelson, Connelly Washburn

6th grade:  Michelle Fuentes, Eian Turner, Luke Higginson, Sierra Webber, Mary Coon, Ryan Mahaffey.