Teacher Appreciation Week Gave Students a Chance to Thank their Special Teachers

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Teacher appreaction week. We had the chance to take pictures of doors that parents and the student council made. There were so many nice ones. There were food ones, cleaning ones, Plants, puzzels, bugs, minions, sports, reading, hot air balloons, worlds, cars, colors, mazes, wanted signs, Napoleon Dynamite, Olaf, rockstars, typing, mountain dew and songs. They were cool, creative and awesome. I loved looking at them. Thank You to the PTA student council and Room moms. They do so much. Remember to be extra good for your teachers this week.


Students also gave their teachers special treats, wore their favorite colors and gave them flowers throughout the week.  The PTA prepared and served a delicious lunch for all the staff.  It is wonderful to work in such a great community where teachers, parents and students work together to create a learning environment.

Be sure to take a look at all the teacher appreciation doors created by some talented parents and students.

Brielle Shirley