Parent’s Homework Night Held at Park View Elementary

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“Do you have homework tonight?” is a question parents often ask their children. “Will you help me?” often follows.

Park View Teachers wanted to assist parents in supporting their children and give them tools to create a positive experience as they do assigned homework. Homework Night was held on September 8, 2011 to accomplish this goal.

Mrs. Reynolds, the principal of Park View, stated, "I chose to do a Homework Night to bridge a gap between parents, teachers, and students. Often parents are frustrated because they do not know how to help their children master math strategies taught currently in classrooms. Instruction has evolved so much since parents learned such concepts as multi-digit addition or long division. Also, parents want to help their children read better, with more fluency, accuracy and expression, but they are not sure how to accomplish this. My hope is that Homework Night gave them ideas that will enable parents to help their children make doing homework a positive experience for all involved."

Parents were very excited about Homework Night. One parent commented, “It was very helpful to receive practical tips on simple things I can do with my students.” Another remarked, “I liked being able to ask the teacher questions about homework. It was helpful to learn exactly what the teacher expects from homework. This was a helpful evening.” Many parents expressed a desire to have more of these evenings throughout the year.

Teachers and parents, working as a team, can enhance the educational experiences and opportunities for our youth.

Mrs. Reynolds and Joann Kirk