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May 2015

Thanks for your Box Tops

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sun, 05/24/2015 - 10:32
Brielle Shirley and Maya Sorenson
Over 6000 box tops were collected in one week. Thanks to all who participated.

The amazing student council organized a box top contest.   Hoping for a great summer! was the theme of the competition. THIS WAS A LITTLE different then most box tops in the past. They made it competitive and pitted the boys against the girls.  The winners won 15 minutes of extra recess on Monday.  Every day the winners were announced. The score keeper, the beautiful poster out front, had little frogs that represented 50 boxtops, purple for girls, green for boys.   The first grade boys won on Tuesday; third grade girls won on Wednesday. On Thursday it was the kindergarten boys and on Friday of course it was the 5th grade boys. Everyone knew the boys won the 15 minutes extra reeses but when the annoucements came in on Tuesday it said boys had brought in 2000 box tops. It was unbelievable. When they said the girls won overall, the excitement left the boys faces. The girls had brought in over 4000 box tops; so the girls won the 15 minutes of extra recess.  The girls rocked on this contest.  It really is a great way to earn money for our school! 





Final Choir Concert

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sun, 05/24/2015 - 10:19
Maya Sorenson

Our Parkview choir is so amazing! Ms.Diana is the teacher.  They have worked so hard ever scince January. For the concert, they sang a unique song called Instruments. Next the choir sang I Can Go the Distance from Hercules. After that, the choir sang an inspiring song about how we can change the world, by Bridgit Mendler.  The hand actions were so cool! Then there was a Whitney Houston song, One Moment in Time. I could only name a few of the beautiful songs they sang!  Garret William’s favorite to sing was Seize the Day from Newsies.  There was an amazing pianist named Rachel Sullivan.  Her favorite was Change The World by Bridgit Mendler. We adore our choir and all the hard work they do for our entertainment!



It Pays to Read Assembly Honors Those Who Have Read

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sun, 05/24/2015 - 10:14
Brielle Shirley
Will the shot go in?
Counting out the money
Spinning for prizes
Final instructions from Mrs. Stirland

It was fun!  It was loud! There were prizes!  It was the "It Pays to Read Assembly".  I personally loved it.  There were 2 people picked from each class who got to shoot baskets to earn money.  Payson High Basketball players were also there to make baskets.  Students could earn ten dollars.  And if someone made a half court shot, then they could spin the wheel.  Let me tell you, there were tons of pie in the principal's face. The lower grades got lots of tokens for whole class or pie in Mrs. Ore's face. There were some big winners. Even bigger then money. The younger grades like kindergarten and first grade got a toy that playes music when you spin it. 2nd trough 6th could win kindles. I know some of the winners.  There were Ben Sernik, Kenzi Wall Tanner Hutching, and Camie Hamblin.  Those were just some of the winners. It was great to enjoy the excitement of the "It Pays to Read Assembly." Rembember next year to read.  It really does pay to read. 


Parent/Educator Support Group Held to Assist in Transitions

Submitted by joann.kirk on Tue, 05/12/2015 - 07:11

What's the trick to having terrific Transitions?
Worried about that transition from one class/teacher to the next? Or that transition from one school to the next like Elementary to Jr. High? Or what about the transition from school to summer break? We will be sharing great ideas that parents can do to help their special needs children with transitions, Thursday, May 14 at 4:00 pm at the Nebo School District Office CTE Building 350 S. Main Street, Spanish Fork. RSVP:
Adults only please.

Park View Students Honored for their Service

Submitted by joann.kirk on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 21:43


Service was the attribute focused on for the month of April.  "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."  Muhammad AliThese students were caught paying rent as they served their peers:  Kindergarten:  Ella Watkins, Caleb Harper, Sydni Stevenson, Maddex Nelson, 1st grade:  Kyle Chapman, Logan Reynolds, Chasey Weber, Davin Wilson, 2nd grade:  Kaleb Jasper, Izzie Linde, Skyler Johnson, Gage Wharton Camille Hutchings, Nathan Terry, Lauren Bakker, 3rd grade:  Brixton Gull, Halle Elmer, 4th grade:  Allie Young, Jose Camba,  Beth Coon, 5th grade:  Bailee Dietz, Mac McClellan, 6th grade:  Taylor Brothersen, Janessa Victor, Anna Reed, Jacob Sorenson, Harley Walker, Mason Johnson.Congratulations for your outstanding acts of service.


Teacher Appreciation Week Gave Students a Chance to Thank their Special Teachers

Submitted by joann.kirk on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 07:26
Brielle Shirley


Teacher appreaction week. We had the chance to take pictures of doors that parents and the student council made. There were so many nice ones. There were food ones, cleaning ones, Plants, puzzels, bugs, minions, sports, reading, hot air balloons, worlds, cars, colors, mazes, wanted signs, Napoleon Dynamite, Olaf, rockstars, typing, mountain dew and songs. They were cool, creative and awesome. I loved looking at them. Thank You to the PTA student council and Room moms. They do so much. Remember to be extra good for your teachers this week.


Students also gave their teachers special treats, wore their favorite colors and gave them flowers throughout the week.  The PTA prepared and served a delicious lunch for all the staff.  It is wonderful to work in such a great community where teachers, parents and students work together to create a learning environment.

Be sure to take a look at all the teacher appreciation doors created by some talented parents and students.

Pay It Forward Assembly

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 05/08/2015 - 07:36
By Maya Sorenson and Brielle Shirley
Mrs. Stirland being awarded with a multitude of sports equipment.
The secret is out. Park View students are the best.
Park View students were reminded to Pay it forward. They know what this means.
Exercise to keep healthy.

A few weeks back, the Pay it Forward Fun Run was held.  The school with the most students who wanted to Pay it Forward would receive sports equipment and be honored with a special assembly.

Park View Elementary won the Pay It Forward assembly!  We had the most participants out of every elementary school in Payson! Our reward was a super fun assembly about staying healthy and having fun!  We met a super cool bobsled racer  named Jeremy.  He taught us that we needed to only put helpful things in our bodies, and to exercise and have a good time.  We also won a bunch of playground equipment!  Maddox Callister loved Willy the Wolverine, who visited along with Hootz The Owl.  It was so much fun!



Mindy Hardy is Park View's Crystal Apple Award Recipient

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 05/08/2015 - 07:11
Evelyn Ellsworth
Park View is so lucky to have Mrs. Hardy share her love of learning with her students.

Congratulations to Mindy Hardy, Sixth grade teacher at Park View School and this year’s recipient of the Crystal Apple Award.

Mindy Hardy grew up in Woodruff, one of the coldest places in Utah.  She lived on a cattle ranch and enjoyed riding horses.  She helped her family herd and brand cows and did all the fun things you can do on a cattle ranch.  After graduating from high school, Mindy enrolled at UVU.  Earning her degree in Elementary Education, she was hired at Park View and has been teaching sixth grade for the past three years.

Mindy and her husband Brian met when a cousin set them up on a date.  Last year they bought their first home and are now residing in Nephi with their dog Links. 

When Mindy has extra time, she likes to fish, camp, sleep, exercise, be outdoors, and spend time with her family and dog.  If she could, Mindy would love to tour around the world.

Mrs. Hardy is a wonderful teacher.  Thank you for sharing your love of learning with your students and for guiding them to new heights of achievement.  


CHADD Of Utah County Holds Their Next AD/HD Support Group

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 05/07/2015 - 08:21

"CHADD" stands for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.  CHADD is a non-profit national, state and local organization dedicated to educating, supporting and advocating for those affected in some way by AD/HD.  If you are a parent of a child with AD/HD or you are an adult with AD/HD, then this support group is just for you!

Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm  at Provo City Library  550 North University Ave., Provo  Young-Card Room #308

Guest Speaker:  Robb E. Clawson, LMFT

Topic:  How to Build Social Skills in Children and Teens with ADHD



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