Penny War

Our Penny War has begun! This year we are working toward updating sound systems in classrooms that need them. Why do classrooms need sound systems? Until children are about 13 years old, the brain structures needed to help them effectively listen in less-than-ideal conditions aren't fully developed — with some aspects not maturing until the end of high school. 

Really Rad Reptiles

The third grade classes were quite surprised this last week when a special guest came in and introduced them to his slithering, scaly, and very old friends. Clint, from Clint’s Reptiles taught the third graders all about living and non-living animals. Fortunately for the third graders they were all living! They had the chance to learn about what makes a reptile a snake and what makes a reptile a lizard. Believe it or not, some snakes do have legs! They were able to interact and touch some of the reptiles, which was really fun.

Spelling Bee

Students from fourth, fifth and sixth grade went head to head in Park Views very own spelling bee. The competition was intense to watch, all of the participants were outstanding spellers! Ultimately, there could only be one victor and that crown was given to the one and only Kaleb Smith! Congratulations to all of the contestants that participated. 

 Our three finalist were:

1st: Kaleb Smith

2nd: Sadie Barben

3rd: Elle McClellan

Reading Week

Park View students and faculty had a fantastic reading week! The week started off with students switching classes, having the chance to hear stories read by different teachers and faculty. The stories that were read all shared the same theme of “Beeing Brave!” Some of the books included were: The Empty Pot, Henry’s Freedom Box, Max the Brave, Catalina Madeline Hoopensteiner Wallen, George in the Dark, and The Dark. Ask your child what their favorite was!