Kids Clipart

School will be dismissed at 2:30 on Mondays this year.
Tuesday-Friday dismissals will be at 3:15.

4th Grade Egg Dropping Contest

Maddox Callister

The egg dropping contest is a fun thing to do in class. You get to build a box and put things in the box to support the egg. The idea is to try to make the egg not break once you drop it off the building or something else.


The first thing you need to do, is make a good base for the egg like a box or a bag,something you can put the egg in .(I put my egg in a box)

Flu Clinic Coming to Park View


The Health Department will offer a vaccine clinic at Park View on September 27. The clinic is open to everyone!  This is a great opportunity for families to get immunized for many things, not just flu. Required vaccinations for kindergarten and 7th grade will be offered at this clinic! 

4th Grade Field Trip

Written By: Zoe Stevenson

The fourth graders went on a field trip to Camp Floyd State Park. There were six stations the students got to participate in, these stations were: candle making, loading older guns (no real black gun powder), adobe brick making, walking through the Inn, pony express training, and going in the school they used. A highlight about the Inn was someone cleaning the trigger of their gun while being loaded and shot through the wall. The field trip was very fun. My favorite parts were candle making and walking through the Inn. History is fun to learn when it's up close and personal!