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January 2012

4th Grade Students Showcase Their Talent at the Monthly PTA Meeting

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Mrs. Welton
Mrs. Welton stands by her talented 4th grade music students.
4th Graders showcase their talent.

The Payson area monthly PTA Meeting was held on January 11, 2012 at Park View Elementary School.  Mrs. Reynolds took this opportunity to demonstrate how the school is implementing the performing arts.  First, the fourth grade students in Mrs. Blackham’s class, and under the direction of Mrs. Kerri Welton, played “Gently Sleep” on recorders to entertain the attendees.  Mrs. Welton made this observation, "Music is an important part of every student's education.  It is so wonderful for them to experience success learning and sharing music, it helps them develop their self esteem.  Plus, it is fun!"    Then, the PTA Council was shown a video created by the Park View Student Council concerning having empathy instead of engaging in bullying.  In the video, students explained empathy as feeling what others feel.  They used their imaginations and talents to depict examples of name calling, gossiping and physical bullying. Then they demonstrated empathetic responses. Everyone enjoyed the performance of these talented individuals.

Annual Math Facts Breakfast Celebration Held at Park View

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Miss McAllister and Mrs. Millet
2nd grade students enjoy a math facts breakfast together.
"I'm so glad I learned my math facts!
"This breakfast is mathmatically delicious."
"Math puts a smile on my face."
"We hope we can do this again sometime."
"We're getting smarter every day."

Wednesday, January 25th, the 2nd grade students at Park View Elementary, under the direction of Miss McAllister, Mrs. Millet and Miss Pittman, held a Math Facts Breakfast. This is an annual event to celebrate memorizing addition math facts. Students receive different breakfast items according to the Math Fact sets they passed off.  Some of the menu items attained were orange juice, cereal, bananas and toast with jam.  By this point in the year the majority of the students have passed off all the required Math Facts and thus get everything offered at the breakfast.  Congratulations to these students for their achievement. 

January Students of the Month Assembly

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2012 Jan Students of the month.
2012 Jan Students of the month.
2012 Jan Students of the month.
2012 Jan Students of the month.
Students share their thoughts on friendship.

Park View Student of the Month Assembly, held on January 5, 2012, was full of educational activities and learning.  The second grade students taught the value of the month, ‘Friendship.’  Each of the students wrote an essay on what they thought constituted being a good friend.  Some of the ideas shared were:  “Friends mean everything to me.”  “Friends help you when you are sad.”  “Friends respect you and your property.”  Friends fill your life with joy.”  Then, they sang a song called, “Make New Friends.” They taught us that new friends are like silver and old friends are like gold.  “A circle is round and never ends.  That’s how long I want to be your friend.”

Next, the student council presented a dramatic video about having empathy for others, instead of being a bully.  Students were reminded to not participate in name calling, gossiping and physical bullying.  They were reminded, as we have empathy for others we step in their shoes and feel what they feel. 

Finally, Park View students of the Month were announced.  They were honored for their excellent academic, behavior and social excellence.   Park View Bees dare to be great.

Kindergarten:  Zack Elmer, Makyla Haws, Charley Syme, Dallin Hill, Kade Edwards, Maggy Alexander, Mariah Mane, Micah Kerry, Andrew Keck, Gavin Baird, Ethan Nelson, McKenzie Aim.

First Grade:  Kasey Johnson, Carson Stone, Lizzie Jenson, Whitney Bahr, Bailey Giles, Jack Mecham, Parker Allen, Wendy Gull, Rylan Newell, Ellie Hine, Hailey Vigil, Emma Chapman, Porter Hall.

Second Grade:  Clyde Barker, Dawson Peterson, Naomi Willard, Taylor Thomas, Maya Sorenson, Allayna Burton, Ryan Mahaffey, Ethan Dixon, Millie Taylor, Lucy Rice, Brook Peterson, Joslyn Page.

Third Grade:  Kaden Raikoglo, Wyatt Black, Alexis Nachos, Chad Rowlette, Izzy Yama, Kourtney Mellan, Karson Young, Jack Stewart, Gavin Williams, Riley Openshaw, Shalynn Dansie.

Fourth Grade:  CJ Ward, Braxton Jalander, Ethan Gowans, Shilynn Davis, Tyler Swinford, Sydney Riley, Maison Carroll, Jaxon Bahr, Jane Rice, Anthony Maddox, Ammon Begay.

Fifth Grade:  Kaily Webb, Kaylen Walker, Erik Alas, Kaydaun Thompson, Hayden Heaton, Bralyn Watkins, Griffin Spencer, Daniel Chapman, Devin Barney, Brooke Black, Carissa Hansen.

Sixth Grade:  Ashley Vargas, Jordan Tanner, Brayden Bahr, Mariah Webber, Mollie Brown, Kameron Powell, Wyatt Elmer, Briton Wilson.

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