December 2011

More Singing Around the Tree 2011

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Fourth graders tell us how mean Mr. Grinch really is.
Are fourth graders really getting nothing for Christmas?
You better watch out, or you'll get nothing for Christmas.
Mr. Grinch is warning you!
Fifth graders sing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.
I wonder what I want for Christmas
I wonder......
I Want a Hippopotumus for Christmas!
All the dreams of children will all be found. That's all I want when Christmas comes to town.
Mrs. Lungrun leads the sixth grade choir in "A Winter Wonderland" on Kazoos.
Kazoo playing by the Choir.
Getting ready to sing our favorite, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."
The professional look.
Is there a snowman in the "Twelve Days of Christmas?"
On the seventh day of Christmas. No, on the ninth day of Christmas. Choir gets rowdy.
Is there Rudolph in the "Twelve Days of Christmas?"
Taking a bow.

Singing Around the Tree 2011

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Kindergarten cuties getting ready to sing.
Ringing their Jingle Bells.
"Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!"
Kindergarten students think It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.
Pine Cones and Holly Berries...
Blake Burrston, Bailey Giles and Ali Spencer sing, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
Singing about our favorite reindeer - Rudolph!
"We want to wish you a Merry Christmas."
But we can't whistle or say, "Thally Thithy thittin on a thithle."
Third graders sing with the Chipmunks, "Christmas don't be late."
Me! I want a Hoola Hoop!
Third grade Christmas angels.
Here's the angel in the Christmas play.
I can hardly stand to wait. Christmas don't be late.
Parents join in singing, "We Wish you a Merry Christmas."
Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and siblings come to enjoy the singing.
Thank you for coming. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Books and Candy Canes

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Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes

Park View Families Share Christmas Books and Candy Canes

Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes
Christmas Books and Candy Canes

 Families came together at Park View Elementary on December 9th to share Christmas stories and candy canes. Parents brought their favorite Christmas stories and read to their child and friends. Everyone was given a candy cane to enjoy while appreciating the story. Everyone needs a friend during Christmas, and the characters in books, like Frosty, Rudolph and the Noble Fir, can become our best friends. Special thanks goes to all the parents who made this an exciting event for all the children at Park View.

Park View Students Raise Money for Christmas Gifts

The Student Council displays the money collected from The Penny Wars.
Counting Pennies.
Penny War proceeds help buy gifts for Christmas.
Keeping track of money collected during the week.

The halls of Park View Elementary were filled with the spirit of giving as the students brought their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to compete in the annual Penny War December 5th - 9th. The main goal was to raise money so families in their neighborhood could have a merry Christmas. Students had fun bringing their pennies each morning and tossing them in their bottles; pennies represented positive points for their team. They tossed nickels, dimes and quarters in their opponent’s bottles which represented negative points. At the end of the week, the points were scored and winners were announced. This friendly exchanged resulted in over $2000 for selected families in the area.  Mrs. Ellsworth stated, "The students have a lot of fun with 'Penny Wars'.  They love sneaking up and 'bombing' other classrooms.  It's wonderful to know the money raised will help families from our school.  Our parents and students are very generous."  The real winners were all those who opened their hearts and gave with love.

Clark Planetarium Scientists Visit Park View

Nicole Busche
Jessie Warner and Thomas Quayle share their excitement for science.
Josh Walton and Cooper Brundage play tug of war with pressure.
McKay Young demonstrates air pressure.
Jessie Warner searching for answers.
Olivia Adams's hair stands on end while touching an electrified Van de Graaff generator.
Sarah Baker pumps air into a soda bottle to test our hypothesis . Will the bottle fly into the air? How many pumps will it take to get the bottle to fly?
Hailey Anderson helps demonstrate a chemical reaction with heat and hydrogen.

Jessie Warner and Thomas Quayle, scientists from the Clark Planetarium, paid a visit to Park View Elementary on November 13, 2011 to show the students how much fun science can be. They reminded the students, "Science is a process by which we learn. We must ask questions and search for answers using all our senses to discover new things." They performed several science experiments that dazzled everyone. Students witnessed a Van de Graaff generator causing a student’s hair to stand on end, proving the presence of electricity; they observed a leaf blower exerting enough pressure to keep a giant beach ball floating in the air, helping students understand the relationship between weather patterns and how airplanes are able to fly. The students were awestruck by an explosion created by a chemical reaction with heat and hydrogen. Haygen Zobell commented, "I love science."  Ashton Frost added, "It is fun to experiment using science.  Wow! Science can be fun.

Park View Reflection Winners Celebrated

Angela Larsen
Reflection contest winners
Reflection Contest Winners

Throughout the months of September and October, the students at Park View were tapping into their creative sides and preparing artifacts for the Reflections Contest. The Theme this year was “Diversity Means” and was held under the direction of Angela Larsen, Emy Porter and the PTA. Many excellent entries were provided by the students. An assembly was held in November to honor the students who participated, and to reveal the winners. Here are the winners in each category:

Visual Arts: 

Primary Grades:  1st place - Boy and His Blob by Ashton Andrew;  2nd Place - Diversity Collage by William Dixon;  Honorable Mention - Diversity is My Family by Crystal Allen;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Flower World by Violet Andrew  2nd place - World with Colors by Lindsey Welton; Honorable Mention - Under the Sea by Kinsey Makin;  6th Grade:  1st place - Beauty is Different by Haven Johansen;  Honorable Mention - Friendship by Hagen Wright, and People Who are Different by Riley Cunningham


Primary Grades:  1st place - Beautiful Field by Millie Taylor;  2nd place - Melting Together by Madison Heaton;  Honorable Mention - Holding Hands by Ashlyn Morton;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Delicious by Kinsey Makin;  2nd Place - Diversity is Accepting Differences in Others by Summer Vaughn;  6th Grade:  1st place - Around the World by Abby Eaves;  Honorable Mention - Mythical/Non mythical Creatures by Megan Welton


Primary Grades:  1st place - Little Tree by Ellie McClellan;  2nd Place - Diversity in Fall by Bracen Theobold;  Honorable Mention - Flowers Dripping by Ellie Hine;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Different but Beautiful (ie Brown Egg) by Makell Loveless;  2nd place - It’s Ok to be Different by Makayla Caldwell;  Honorable Mention - Ashton Eaves, Emma Hinton, Wylan Broadhead;  6th Grade:  1st place - Beauty and the Beast by Sabryne Kelly;  Honorable Mention - Different Colors Living Together by Megan Welton


Primary Grades:  1st place - Diversity Poem by Ethan Dixon;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Diversity is… by Lindsey Welton;  6th Grade:  1st place - Diversity Feels Good by Abbie Jenson;  Honorable Mention - Diversity is … by Isabel Malloy

Students of the Month for December

2011 December Sudents of the month
2011 December Sudents of the month
2011 December Sudents of the month
2011 December Sudents of the month
Cooper Brundage, Megan Dixon, Cambrielle Fitzwater and Paisley Finch share their essays on Kindness.

Students of the Month at Park View were honored at an assembly December 2, 2011. The assembly began with a presentation by the sixth grade class. The theme was Kindness. In preparation for the assembly, the sixth grade classes took part in a writing contest in which they were to write an essay about what kindness means to them. Each class picked their favorite essay to present at the assembly. The essays chosen were written by Cambrielle Fitzwater, Cooper Brundage and Paisley Finch. Megan described kindness as courteous, responsible, respectful, and compassionate. Cooper told a personal story of how someone did something kind to him on his first day of school. Paisley recounted a story of how someone did something kind to her, and then she returned that kindness to someone else. The song and video, “Don’t Laugh at Me” was shown. This song reminded everyone that we are all different but we all want to be treated with kindness. Then the students of the month were presented. They were chosen by their teachers for their excellent achievement, positive attitudes and exemplary behavior. Congratulations to these students:

Kindergarten: Kaiden Ewell, Ava Lillywhite, Brixton Gull, Max Shirts, Spencer Baird, Kaylee Fratto, Jeffrey Likhasith, Brinley Krukiewicz, Ali Drake.

First Grade: Linda Wright, Bracen Theobald, Natalie Aldaco, Parker Allen, Jose Camba, Delia Sandoval, Ashton Pierce, Jakobie Jacobsen, Sadie Barben.

Second Grade: Seth Carter, Kyler Ewell, Allie Shepherd, Hadlie Bullock, Carter Swenson, Karli Jensen, Brayden Johnson, Skylar Cox, Hadlie Bullock, Curtis Toman.

Third Grade: Abigail Childs, Emily Reyes, Karsen Broadhead, Jackson Fitzwater, Harley Walker, David Gull, Hunter Willden, Kassidy Powell, Violet Van Koman, Gabe Toelupe, Sydney Hill, Jarret Bascom.

Fourth Grade: Alexus Losee, Talan Oleson, Katelyn Ottesen, Leah Moser, Evan Nielson, Tazieya Smith, Riley Bradford, Kayzlee Davis, Brandon Gustafson, Chase Johansen, Aly Stalcup.

Fifth Grade: Makayla Petersen, Samantha Menlove, Eric Reyes, Sara Wiberg, Cami Shelby, Kayla Quinn, Wendy Camba, Tyler Caldwell, Mindy Riding, Nathan Coombs, Calvin Schultz, Ashton Frost, Nikolais Cloward.

Sixth Grade: Megan Welton, Kenji Heimuli, Annie Rice, Sidney Brown, Michelle Rushton.

Park View Students Visit the Utah State Capital

Mrs. Ewell
Students gather on the beautiful marble staircase at the State Capital
Students get to sit in the seats where the legislators sit to pass laws

In November Park View's fourth grade students visited the Utah State Capital. The students prepared for the field trip by writing bills, voting for the best bills in class, and then presenting these bills to our principal, Mrs. Reynolds. Some of the bills were passed, some were vetoed, and others were sent back for revision.

While visiting the capital they were able to see the beautiful building and all of the historical paintings. In addition, they were able to see the Gold Room where the governor holds important meetings and functions. Patrick Painter, one of Utah’s representatives, also showed them the house floor and they were able to sit in the seats where the legislators sit to vote on laws and pass legislation. It was an awesome fieldtrip and everyone learned a lot about how the great state of Utah operates.