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November 2011

Fifth Grade Wax Museum

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 18:49
Miss Allred, Miss Hutchinson, Miss Shumway, Mrs. Kirk
McKay Young as Benjamin Franklin.JPG
Mcell Loveless as Emily Dickinson, Josie Humphries as Molly Brown, Derek Fratten as George Eastman, Pete Syme as Albert Einstein
Samantha Menlove as Elizabeth Barnett Browning, Wendy Camba as Rosa Parks, Ambria Watkins as Shirley Temple
Taylor Willden as Christa Mcauliffe, Kayline Walker as Deborah Sampson, Joe Flores as Orville Wright, Tyler Caldwell as Rocky Marciano
Tyson Stone as Thomas Edison, Amanda Hughes as Karen Carpenter, Cole Peterson as John Denver, Melanie Thompson as June Carter, Tyler Thompson as Johnny Cash

The fifth grade students at Park View have been studying the lives of famous Americans to prepare for the annual Park View Wax Museum held on November 15, 2011. Each student was responsible to write a report, prepare a poster, and dress up as their chosen American. Under the direction of Miss Allred, Miss Shumway, and Miss Hutchinson, the students practiced patriotic songs such as “America Is,” “Proud to be an American,” ”This is My Country,” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” All their research and hard work culminated in an exciting evening in which the students shared their findings with their families. Miss Allred said, “All the students did an excellent job preparing and presenting their famous American to the school and to their parents.” Miss Hutchinson added, “It was an impressive event. The fifth graders knocked the socks off the audience as they recited their memorized speeches from famous American’s lives.” Miss Shumway commented, “The students sang the best I’ve ever heard.” It was an amazing experience for students and parents to be reminded of the people who have gone before that made this country such a wonderful place to live.  Park View Bees are Proud to be American!

Fifth Grade Wax Museum

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 18:39
Miss Allred, Miss Hutchinson, Miss Shumway, Mrs. Kirk
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Adrian Figeroa as Martin L. King, Erik Alas as George Patten, Eric Reyes as Brigham Young
Andrew Allred as John Browning, Lara Burton as Laura Ingles Wilder, Calvin Schulze as Ulysses S. Grant
Brennan Jenson as Davy Crockett, Daniel Chapman as Johnny Appleseed, Nathan Coombs as Wyatt Earp
Brighton Gustafson as Charles Lindberg, Dempsey Hardy as Colonel Sanders, Xavier Scott as Sugar Ray Robinson, Ashton Frost as Mark Twain
Brisa Rodriguez as Elenor Roosevelt, Brook Black as Sacagawea, Alissa Baker as Martha Graham, Megan Young as Helen Keller
Cami Shelley as Rosie the Riveter, Emma Hinton as Emma Smith, Ashley Hamblin as Mary Todd Lincoln, Wyatt Smith as Abraham Lincoln, Tyler Knapp as Bart Starr
Cassidy Radmalt as Jackie Kennedy, Kayla Quinn as Mother Teressa, Ashland Louder as Jackie Mitchell, Summer Vaughn as Calamity Jane, Katelyn Johnson as Betsy Ross
Dylan Loader as Paul Revere
Haydan Heaton as Doc Holliday, Camren Rowlett as Dr. Suess
Jordan Cox as Neil Armstrong, Sam Johnson as Merriweather Lewis, TJ Moser as George Washington, Spencer Nelson as Dr. Seuss
Kaily Webb as Edith Houghton, Kari Evan as Elizabeth Blackwell
Kaitlyn Shelley as Amelia Earhart, McKell Davis as Eliza R. Snow, Mindy Riding as Belle Boyd
Logan Sorensen as James Bridger, Zach Adams as Walter Payton, Griffin Spencer as Walt Disney, Logan Green as Joseph Smith

Park View Student Council

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 11:24
Mrs. Doxey, Mrs. Kirk
2011 Student Council: Kenji, Jose, Briton, Mrs. Reynolds, Ashland, Aubrey, Kaisley, Parker, Abby, Amelia, Derek, Brooke, Melanie, Joe, Kari, TJ, Abbie, Megan, Daniel, Abby, Magen, Ambria, Ruby, Sabryne, Hayden
T. J. Moser and his friends take notes during a lecture.
Hayden Heaton, Jose Valle and Joe Flores share an exciting moment.
Kenji takes the opportunity to learn more about how to be a good friend.

The Park View Student Council had the opportunity to attend a conference on leadership at BYU November 3. At the conference council members heard from outstanding motivational speakers, including John Bytheway. Students rotated through a series of sessions where they participated in team building activities, and learned about reaching goals, networking, and positive leadership. Students were also privileged to learn about false perceptions, responsibility and freedom, as magician Brad Barton represented these things visually through magic tricks. When the students were asked what stood out to them about the conference, many of them mentioned how impressed they were about how far a small act of kindness can actually go and what it might mean to someone in need. They felt motivated to use their leadership for good and have been implementing these lessons at their school.

November Students of the Month Assembly

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 11/05/2011 - 11:11
Mrs. Kirk, Miss Allred and Miss Olsen
Fourth grade students reminding us that honesty is the best policy.
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month

Park View 'Students of the Month Assembly' was held on November 4. Fourth grade students, directed by Mr. Gowans, Mrs. Ewell and Mrs. Blackham reminded the students to be honest. They presented a video showing examples of being dishonest and then doing the right thing by being honest. They reminded us that be best policy is honesty. They sang a song entitled, “Honesty.”

Afterwards, the students of the month were presented. Each of these students have gone above and beyond expectations of attitude, behavior, and academics. We congratulate these students on their outstanding achievements:

Kindergarten: Caleb Young, Fausto Sandoval, McKinley Judd, Cley Hancock, Aileen Terry, Jesus Rosas, Will McClellan, Makaylie Jones, Reese Young, Syanna Demille, Halle Elmer and Addison Alexander.

1st grade: Crystal Allen, Ali Spencer, Samantha Wright, Colby Rigby, Mackenzie, Riley Cook, Jaziel Maldonado, Oakey Brotherson, Kaleb Emmons, Kadin Mabey, and Reuben Hawkes.

2nd Grade: Alec Eaves, Ashlyn Morton, J T LeSueur, Nicora Conder, Cristian Rodriguez, Camie Hamblin, Ariana Newton, Waylon Broadhead, Dillon Schmidt, Avery Boyack,

3rd Grade: Livi Adams, Katie Cunningham, Carter Ward, Kaden Quinn, Kamry Flippen, Halle Bulkley, Rexdon Nelson, Jacob Sorenson, Fernada Guevara, Violet Andrew, Quaid Olsen, Nathan Baird.

4th Grade: Dylan Mecham, Mark Tolman, Zoe Mellen, Giorgio De le Torre, Donovan Mahaffey, Abby Orozco, Kyler Haveron, Skyler Burraston, Brooklyn Giles, Derek Burton, Cozette Caron, and Shayden Hardy.

5th Grade: Amanda Hughes, Brennan Jensen, Griffin Spencer, Ashley Hamblin, Pete Syme, Brighton Gustafson, and Zach Adams.

6th Grade: Allie Hayward, Myranda Goodworth, Brady Olson, Joslyn Taylor, Hagen Wright, Jake Webb, Macy McClellan, Rhett Meek, and Kaisley Theobald.

Halloween Parade 2011

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 11/04/2011 - 17:02
Joann Kirk, Jessie Olsen
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Now, these students are in the true Halloween Spirit!
Mrs. Ewell, Mrs. Busch, Miss Shumway, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Gowans and Mrs. Blackham in disguise.
Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Lundgren, Miss Hutchinson, Mrs. Ewell and Mrs. Mellen pose during lunch for an angelic picture.
Jake Webb and Robbie Ewell - This is attitude!
Mrs. Reynolds and her family wish everyone a Happy Halloween.
Mrs. Smith and her Care Bear way.
First graders line up for the parade.
Mrs. Barney's ghouls.
It this sweet Natalie? or not?
Mrs. Lundgrun's sixth grade spooks
Mrs. Mcintier and Mrs. Davis with their "Lucky Seven."
Little Red Riding Hood and her basket of goodies. Did the wolf find her?
Aly Stalcup leads her fourth grade class in the Halloween Parade.
Mrs. Ewell leads her class in the parade.
Our little angels?
Mrs. Blackham is 'not afraid of them ghosts.'
Fifth graders have talent, terror and tricks up their sleeves.
Sixth graders hard at work learning their tricks.
Miss Shumway leads in her unique Zombie way.
You can see the tricks in their eyes.
It's just plain madness!
The Haunting of Park View, Chapter One
Into trouble again?
They make the cutest little monsters.
First grade goblins
Grandma Peck and her kindergarten excitement
The Kindergarten class wishes everyone a Happy Halloween.
Is this really the end? Happy Tricking!

The students of Park View Elementary are no different than any other student in the country, They love Halloween!  They showed their excitement in dressing up and participating in the annual Halloween Parade held on October 31.  Please enjoy the pictures of our ghouls, goblins, monsters, angels and just plain unique personalities of the students of Park View.  You've gotta love 'em.

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