Beginning a New Term

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Dear Parents,

      It’s the middle of the school year and kids are stressing out a lot! We thank you for trusting Park View teachers to teach your children, and that you are kind and trusting to all the teachers. We hope you like what your children are learning, and that you aren’t tired of your children being so enthusiastic to tell you what they learned!  If your child is stressed about their homework, just tell them “not to give up!” And if they are still stressed, just tell them to take a break and work on something else.

 Here are some of the student's favorite activities so far this year: Ellie Hine’s favorite thing this year was the fun run because she tied in the top laps with Kamrin.  Ashton Andrew liked journalism club and meeting new friends.  Amanda Johnson liked her new class and science class.  Mr. Broadbent's favorite thing in the term was all the festive games and activities.  He also liked the Christmas Charity projects we did in December. Mrs. Jasperson liked the Halloween activities the best.  She loves Halloween and loved seeing the kids dress up in their costumes.  Let's make the last half of the year just as much fun as the first.



Advice from Lyndsee Slade, Ashton Andrew and Colby Rigby