Third Grade Spelling Bee

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Top three Spellers in 3rd grade: First: Ruby Guerrero, Second: Vara Neves, Third: Grayson Judd
Third Grade spelling bee participants

Nine third grade students went head to head in the spelling bee on Monday. It was an intense competition, you could cut the tension with a knife! Mrs. Walker said "This was the best third grade spelling bee I've been apart of. They are all really good spellers!" The spelling bee went for almost an entire hour, only getting down to the top three the last five minutes. These kids worked extra hard and proved that studying and determination pays off. Good job third graders, you all did very, very well! 

Participants: Kate Cobia, Barrett Parker, Eli Rodriguez, Londyn Roseman, Matthew Bakker, Grayson Judd, Ruby Guerrero, Vara Neves, Smith Hudson


1st: Ruby Guerrero

2nd: Vara Neves

3rd: Grayson Judd