Soles For Souls Shoe Drive

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Ms. Salem, Mrs. Jindra, and Student Leaders in front of our shoe goal tracker
Ms. Salem thanking the fifth grade students at recess
Student leaders with shoe bags
Student leaders sorting, pairing, counting, and cleaning shoes.

Last week, as part of our Look to the Future: College and Career Readiness Week, students had the incredible opportunity to participate in a type of service project. Ms. Salem asked for our help in her Soles For Souls Shoe Drive. Students were asked to bring in any extra pairs of shoes that they had laying around the house. They could donate any size shoe as long as they were in good condition. The Soles for Souls organization is non-profit, they take the shoes that were donated, clean them up so they look like new and take them to less fortunate cities and countries. From there they measure, clean and fit the person for their new shoes. These people range from toddlers just learning to walk to the elderly. Our goal in partnership with Ms. Salem was to reach 500 pairs of shoes donated. We are very proud to report that 950 pairs of shoes were donated to this wonderful cause. 

Our fifth grade student leaders helped count the shoes. They worked hard to pair up the shoes using rubber bands, count the shoes, and even clean the shoes. They did it with smiles on their faces and kindness in their hearts. 

Thank you to all the families who were able to donate their shoes. We are so proud of our bees!