Reward Assembly

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Tue, 02/15/2022 - 21:12
Student reactions to the black bubblegum story
Student reactions to the black bubblegum story
Students raising their hands giving suggestions for what Tommy should do with the black bubblegum
Students listening intently to the story of black bubblegum
Students coming up with an evil plan to get rid of the black bubblegum
Story teller from Art and Education
Mrs. Jasperson's class blowing up their imaginary black bubblegum
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Black bubble gum, black bubble gum that comes alive and finds its way into Tommy's mouth. This was the premise of the story students got to listen to from a very talented story teller. Students that had good behavior this term were rewarded with a fun story telling assembly full of funny tales. They were also rewarded with a pop it keychain! Thank you to Arts and Education for coming to our school. We sure do love good behavior, we are so happy for all the students who got to participate!