Mrs. Walker's Rockin' School

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Check out this song Mrs. Mellen's first grade class created with the help of AI for Principal Appreciation Day!

Click the link below to hear the song.

Here are the lyrics: 

Gather 'round
And listen up tight
I'm here to tell you 'bout a principal who's outta sight
Mrs. Walker's the name
Runnin' this school with pride
She's got a twinkle in her eye
Always by our side

She walks the hallways with a swing in her step
Her smile shines bright
It's one you won't forget
She knows all our names and our dreams
Mrs. Walker's got a heart that's so true

Hey there
Mrs. Walker
You're the queen of this place
You teach us right from wrong and put a smile on our face
We're gonna cheer you on
Rockin' all the way
Mrs. Walker
You're the star of our day