Mrs. Bird Receives Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on
Mrs. Lena Bird receiving her crystal apple award
Mrs. Lena Bird with Craig Harvey the sponsor behind the crystal apple award

The Crystal Apple Award is given to educators who show exemplary performance in their day to day activities. What is especially special about this award is that it is peer nominated. We are so excited to present this years recipient, Mrs. Bird! Mrs. Bird was formally a fifth grade teacher at our school. During those years she always went above and beyond with her students and her lesson planning. From fifth grade, she transferred to a different position within our school, and is now known as an ESSR teacher. Her specialty is teaching kids to read. She works with a select few students to help them master different reading skills. She still goes above and beyond for the students she works with and they absolutely love working with her. Not only does she do an incredible job teaching our students, but she also works closely with our student leaders, administration, and is a wonderful advocate for teachers. There isn't anyone more deserving than her! Congratulations Mrs. Bird, we are so lucky to have you!