Fourth and Fifth Grade Spelling Bee

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Top 3 Spellers Nick Shirts, Jacob Guerrero, Wesley Chabot
Fourth Grade Finalist: Jordan, Navy, Blake, Marley, Nicholas and Ben (Fifth Grade)
Fifth Grade Finalist: Nick, Jacob, Wesley, Keeley, Casin, Andrew (Fourth)
All Contestants

This last week the fourth and fifth grade spelling bee finalist went head to head in the big spelling bee competition. This spelling bee was intense! Each student that participated tried their absolute best and we can call them all winners because of that. However, there was only one student who could claim the title of Park View's ultimate speller... Jacob Guerrero took the win for the second year in a row! Way to go Jake! We want to congratulate all the those that participated. 

Final Fourth Grade Contestants: Jordan Dalton, Navy Boyack, Blake Peay, Marley Summerhays, Nicolas Tate, Andrew Eggett

Final Fifth Grade Contestants: Ben Clegg, Nick Shirts, Jacob Guerrero, Wesley Chabot, Keeley Clegg, Casin Weaver

Final Three Contestants: Nick Shirts, Jacob Guerrero, Wesley Chabot