7 Questions You Can Ask Your Child When You Read Together!

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on
Mom and daughter reading a book together

One of the main questions teachers get asked when discussing reading progress is, "How can I help my child understand what they are reading?" Comprehension is a huge part of reading and it is the hardest to teach, especially in the home environment. Scholastic has many, many great resources for parents and teachers to pull from. In this article they discuss comprehension in greater depth, it might be something you want to check out! However, for now here are 7 wonderful questions you can ask your child when you read together. 

Before Reading:

1. What do you think might happen in this story? 

While You Read:

2. What word do you think should come next?

3. What was the character's name again?

4. Which words do you think best describe this character?

5 . Does anything in this book seem familiar to you? Can you make a connection? 

After You Read:

6. How might this story be different if it was told from another character's point of view?

7. Can you make up a different ending to this story? 

These questions are great starting points to help you as the parent dive deeper into the story! Try them out and let us know what you think! Again, to read the whole article published by Scholastic, click here.