Crystal Apple Award at Park View

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 05/07/2010 - 08:12

Regan Lundell has been awarded the Crystal Apple Award at Park View Elementary. She is not only an exceptional teacher, but also a person of high moral character with an infectious personality.  She is esteemed as an expert teacher, faculty mentor, and a key contributor to her community.

Miss Lundell has done it all! She has both a reading and an ESL endorsement. Because of this expertise, many of our teachers consider her a resource for their pedagogical learning and growth. In the past three years, she has had an on-level reading rate of 97%. Students in this class learn to read and learn to love it.

Miss Lundell is also an outstanding mentor to student and novice teachers. Only the best teachers are chosen for university student placement. There has hardly been a year in her tenure where she has not trained a teacher. Her commendable classroom management is a great model for those entering education.

Because of her remarkable skills, she was chosen to participate in the district mentor program. She regularly checks on her protégés, offering help, ideas, support, and a laugh to help them through their day. One remarked that she always felt comfortable with her, as she was approachable and positive. Though an expert in her field, she makes beginning teachers feel as equals.

She is an integral part of the Payson community. She takes a personal and appropriate interest in her student’s lives, attending baptisms, recitals, or anything else where circumstances allow. She takes time to get to know families and individual student needs. She truly loves her students.

Congratulations Miss Lundell!

Kristie Reynolds