Park View Helps Their Neighbors Around the World

Submitted by carrie.vannosdol on Mon, 03/29/2010 - 13:10

It started as a Student Council service project, but ended as a community coming together to help another. Principal Reynolds together with the Student Council heard of the tragedies of Haiti and decided to do something about it. Students sold messaged paper hearts during the week Valentines’ Day, earning over $400 to help those struggling in Haiti.

After collecting the money, Mrs. Reynolds purchased materials to make quilts with the student council. The children stayed after school with several teacher and parent volunteers and tied 4 quilts in one night. But it didn’t stop there. The school had purchased enough for 6 more quilts. Students begged their teachers to be allowed to work on them in their rooms during any free time or at recess. At SEP’s even more students, parents, teachers, and a Boy Scout troop, finished them up.

“They are on their way to Haiti now, or Chile, or Mongolia. I feel it is important to help students see they are part of a bigger world picture. If there is a way we can help others, I want to provide students with those opportunities,” said Reynolds, also the Student Council Advisor.

As a school, we are grateful to be able to help those in need. It also “tied” the school together, as they were unified with a purpose to lend a hand of comfort.