Park View Pig Wrestlers

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Kindergarten through sixth grade students at Park View Elementary decided to get down and dirty Saturday and Monday nights at the First Annual Onion Days Pig Wrestling Contest. They went with the quest to not only capture their pig, but to help raise money to aid in the research of Multiple Sclerosis. After a time limit of one minute to catch, pick up, and deposit a pig into a barrel, many students were left looking more like “Pig Pen” on Charlie Brown than as the person they walked into the pen as. Park View would like to personally thank Shawn and Alesha Wride and Lazy A Ranch for all the hard work that was put into sponsoring this event. What a great way to raise money for such a worthy cause!

Participating Students: Cheyenne Davis, Luke Merryweather, Taylor Wilden, Cameron Stone, Zac Day, Madison Heaton, Hayden Forrester, Parker Youd, Hayden Heaton, Noah Ferrin, Kyler Haveron, McKenna Fewkes, Nathan Coombs, MaKayla Petersen, Bradley Petersen, Stuart Charles, Gavin Williams, Garrett Williams, Janessa Williams, Peyton Frazier, Anne Kranenburg, Brennan Cummings, Riley Bradford, Casey Giffing, Kaytlin Haveron, Aspen Forrester, and Winston Broadhead.