Christmas Book and Donuts!

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Earlier this week Park View students were delighted to hear Christmas stories read by our wonderful parent volunteers. Not only did the students enjoy the fun books being read, but were also treated to donut holes and drinks! This fun little activity sure did bring excitement throughout the school. Thank you to our Park View Parents, especially Alisha Rodriguez for organizing this festive event for our little hive! 

1st Term Reward Activity!

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Park View students were rewarded for their good behavior last Friday! Students were able to participate in the reward activity if they received less than three behavior tickets. We are proud to announce that every single Park View Bee was able to enjoy the activity! Student leaders and technicians ran a carnival where students were given tickets that they could use for both a treat and different carnival themed games. It was a great day for everyone! 


Veterans Day Parade: Help Us Spread the Word!

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PLEASE HELP US LET VETERANS KNOW ABOUT THIS! We are so excited to have the privilege of participating in the third annual Veterans Day Parade on Friday, November 11, 2022! This started as a Park View School Event and has grown into an event that all of Payson City enjoys. This parade means so much to both the veterans who join in the procession and our students.

Snapshots in the Snow

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There isn't anything much more magical for children than the first snowfall - especially when they get to enjoy it with their friends at school. Today was perfect snow for building snowmen and friendships at recess. Enjoy these snowy snapshots, they are guaranteed to make you smile, and to help you remember those magical memories from your own childhood.

Mrs. Walker

Making S'Mores with Solar Ovens

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Ms. Seegmiller's class wrapped up their Energy unit by building their very own solar ovens. The purpose of this activity was to demonstrate energy conversion from different forms. They created their structures, placed their s'mores, and patiently waited. After 20 minutes, their s'mores were melted to perfection! The students worked so hard throughout this unit and deserved a tasty treat to celebrate all that they've learned! 

Park View Presents Peter Pan Jr.

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This year Mrs. Hancock, with the help of volunteers, will be directing a play "Peter Pan Junior" for students in third, fourth, or fifth grade that want to participate. Practices will happen after school. Mrs. Hancock will be holding auditions on October 18th, 19th 20th with call backs on the 21st. Students can get an information packet either in the office or by Mrs. Hancock classroom. The cost to participate in this amazing opportunity is $40.

4th Grade Volunteers

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Our fourth graders have worked hard on their Fractured Fairy Tales the last few weeks and wanted to share their work with others. Ms. Seegmiller's 4th grade class joined Mrs. Gull's 2nd grade class to read them their stories. Our second graders loved being read to and were even able to take away a few ideas for their own writing. 

Walk/Roll to School Day

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Park View Elementary celebrated National Walk/Roll to School Day in the biggest way! Prior to the event, students were taught about the benefits of walking or rolling to school. They learned: Vitamin D is good for you, it's an act of self-love, it helps you connect with nature, it feels good to move your body and it is a fun way to stay physically healthy.