Students Walk to School

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 10/06/2011 - 17:22

The students at Park View were encouraged to get their daily exercise by walking or riding their bikes or scooters to school on Oct 4, 2011. It is an ever increasing temptation to play video games or watch TV before and after school and become sedentary. Some youngsters don’t get enough exercise to remain healthy. With these thoughts in mind, Park View Elementary organized a Walk to School Day. If the students chose to walk to school, they could earn extra recess. “Even if it is raining, I will walk to school. I want extra recess,” commented Treven Huff.  Sheila Moreno added, “I can get more exercise and more recess.”  Heath Turner walks his children to school every Wednesday if it’s good weather.  He likes the idea of parents walking with their children.   Abby Sorensen and Ruby Baird were on Patrol Duty. They watch the crosswalk and make sure students are safe every morning. They said it was busier than usual because so many students decided to walk.

PTA parents were there to hand out stickers to all who exercised, and supervised students during their extra recess time. Beverly Serynek said, “It’s a great idea. I think they should do it every day.” Dempsey Hardy summed up the experience this way, “It took the breath out of me.”

Thanks to everyone for making this a special day for the children.


Joann Kirk