Q Marries U in Kindergarten

Submitted by joann.kirk on Tue, 11/17/2015 - 19:16
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What a quality way to learn about sounds!  All the Kindergarten students learned that Q and U always work together as a team.  Mrs. Stirland was the Justice of the Peace who quickly accepted the job to put them together at the ceremony.  Mrs. Rife’s parents were quite qualified to represent Q and U.  In the afternoon class the teachers had two students in their class be Miss Q and Mr. U!!!  One was dressed as a quarterback, the other was a queen. You could almost see the quarterback quake and the queen quiver as they walked down the aisle.  As part of the ceremony, the boys quickly asked the girls to dance a quirky dance.  They were so cute!!!! The kindergarten students were heard quoting quips about how beautiful the wedding seemed.  They had a quality mini wedding cake as well.  The fun just would not quit.  There was no quarreling about this being an enjoyable event. We hope the kindergarten students will quickly remember that the letters Q and U will always be together, forever.  No qualms about it.


Colby Rigby and Lyndsee Slade