Penny wars!

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Here it is again! The Penny Wars! And if  you're wondering what the Penny Wars are, then you have been lost! Well the Penny Wars are when all the classes each have two jars, a negative and a positive. Silver coins count as bombs/negative coins, pennies count as positive points! And whichever class has the most pennies, gets a pizza party. Second place gets a rootbeer float party! And third place gets popsicles. The reason for the penny wars, is to get more chromebooks and ipads for our school. Also we have a goal to get to $3,000!  And if we reach our goal then we get to duct tape Mrs. Stirland to the middle of the wall!! During lunch time!

Many teachers did creative things to help reach our goal… Mr. Broadbent allowed kids to shoot bottle rockets for 50 cents before school.  Mrs. Bird's class wanted to get in the lead so they sold candy for a penny.

Watch for more to come to see if we reached our goal....



Evelyn Cirvantes,Zaylee Hiatt And Kate NielsonClaire Poter And Grace Spencer