October Students of the Month Chosen for their Courage

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Courage:  You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.  Aristotle

These students of the month were chosen by their teachers for their courage.  They choose to be honest, respectful and helpful even when it is hard.  Cristofer Morales always does his best and doesn't let anyone distract him.  Aydrie Openshaw faces many challenges, but doesn't let anything discourage her.  Samantha Wall stays after school to learn and improve herself.  Michael Lopez faces challenges with a smile.  Jose Camba gets right to work when given an assignment.  Congratulations to these students of the month for their courage. 

 Preschool - Teagan Lyman, Bella Hall

Kindergarten - Lecksa Joel, Dallin Stephens, Bryley Tucker, Aydrie Openshaw,

1st grade - Cristofer Morales Navarette, Paige Young, Malli Alexander, Brandon DeFreese, Molly Smith, Olivia Flores,

2nd grade - Myrka Villatoro, Maj Callister, Bosten Roseman, Gabriel Franklin, Aimee Wilson, Statton Corbett,

3rd grade - Luke Toleman, Mary Hinton, Cameron Rigby, Gage Wharton, Zandon Theobald

4th grade - Liz Morales, Devan Franklin, Ephraim, MaCall, Caleb Young,

5th grade - Beth Coon, Boston Mobbs, Braxton Daley, Brianna Franklin, Jose Camba, Samantha Wall

6th grade - Naomi Willard, Michael Lopez, Brooklyn Johnson, Brandt Peterson, Rebekah Beaberry and Ammon Cox.