Kindergarten Students at Park View Elementary Celebrate the Holidays

Submitted by joann.kirk on Fri, 12/10/2010 - 06:56

It is a holiday tradition that students in Mrs. Thomas’ Kindergarten class dress up in 17th century period costumes and participate in a Thanksgiving Feast.  Students prepare for this special day by making  placemats and learning a native American Song to perform for their parents. Parents volunteer to bring traditional Thanksgiving food such as turkey, rolls and pumpkin pie to share.  Mrs. Thomas believes this activity is informative as the children learn Thanksgiving history, how to set the table correctly, and how to display good manners.  Many parents shared their feelings about this gathering, “The children will always remember this.” 

            Mrs. Toelupe’s class shares another Kindergarten holiday tradition by planning and preparing a Hawaiian Luau for their parents.  Students make menus, placemats and signs; they learn hula dances and haka chants.  The students are the hostesses, waiters and performers.  They take their parents’ orders and serve them a delicious meal.  They perform their dances and chants.  This year there was a special ‘surprise’ performance.  The dads did a silly English version of the New Zealand haka.  Mrs. Toelupe loves this special day because it’s a wonderful opportunity for students to show off the skills they have been learning in class, and to thank the parents for their support. 

Mrs. Toelupe, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Kirk