All About our Fabulous Principal, Mrs. Stirland

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 11/14/2015 - 11:05


“ Hi my name is Shanna Stirland and I was born March 25 in Salt Lake City. I became a principal  because I love children.  I like being the principal because it gives me a chance to help kids. After school I like to play with my grandson, jog, ride bikes, and read. When I was young I loved to ride ponies, swim, and practice with the drill team.  I also love playing all kinds of sports.  I went to school at South Bountiful Elementary, South Davis Junior High, Woods Cross High, and BYU.  I’ve worked at Park view Elementary as the Principal, Hill Field Elementary teaching 6th grade, Altamont Elementary, and Spanish Oaks Elementary. If I could choose which grade I would teach, it would be 5th grade.

Mrs. Stirland is well respected by the students, faculty and parents.  She works hard to make our school a positive place to be.  The students love coming to school to see her beautiful smile welcoming them.  Thanks for sharing your life with us, Mrs. Stirland.



Lyndsee Slade