5th Grade Wax Museum, A Showcase of Famous Americans

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 11/21/2015 - 17:07
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Under the direction of Mr. Broadbent, Mrs. Prina and Mr. Sueldo, the fifth grade students presented an informative Wax Museum of famous Americans who made a difference in our world today. They have been preparing speeches and posters, writing essays and practicing patriotic songs.  They presented their speeches to the students during the school day on November 20, then informed their parent and family that evening with the knowledge they have gained.  Quin Christensen shared, "I researched to learn about Henry Ford.  I found some interesting things."  Marcos Alvarado shared, "I feel it's a good education.  We should never stop learning like Milton Hershey."  Teagan Mabey said, "This experience helped me learn about famous people.  I researched Molly Brown."  Kameryn Meek thought it was a fun experience.  It taught me about people and how they helped us today.  Riley Cook liked seeing everyone's displays.  Evelyn Cervantes said, It was scary at first doing my presentation, but now it's awesome."  Lexi's Crawford's favorite part was researching about Jacquline Kennedy.  Allie Young's favorite part was putting her speech together.  Crystal Allen researched her own ancestor, Ann Rowley.  She was a pioneer in the Willie Handcart Company.  Brianna Franklin summed it all up with these words, "I learned about famous people, how they lived and made a difference in America."  Thanks to the 5th grade students for their preparation and sharing their knowledge with the community.