Throwback Thursday

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Thu, 09/30/2021 - 09:17
Mrs. Poglajen in 4th grade with her teacher Mrs. Marsh

Can you guess which little lady in this picture grew up to be a teacher here at Park View? Hmm... Look closely! Can you see any other familiar faces? 

In this picture you will find Mrs. Poglajen and Mrs. Marsh as her teacher!

When she sent in this picture Mrs. Poglajen said, "This is me in 4th grade and my teacher, Mrs. Quijano, who is now known as Mrs. Marsh. Lol. She is still as spunky and fun as I remember her then. She used to have the Star Trek action figure collection on her desk. They would torture us, just sitting there. This school was located in East Carbon, Utah. It was named Peterson Elementary. It is no longer in operation. It is a very small coal mining community. Almost all the kids in this picture went on to be in my graduating class, and about the same number of students. "

It is so crazy and also very cool that they ended up teaching second grade together (last year) and teaching at the same school!  

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