Second Term Reward Activity

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 20:30
2nd grade students and student leader playing Trouble
2nd grade student playing twister
2nd grade students playing Candy Land
2nd grade students showing off their good behavior
2nd grade students playing a fun board game
2nd grade girls playing CandyLand
Mrs. Ribble and a 2nd grade students playing a board game
2nd grade student playing checkers
2nd grade students pulling a stick for giant kerplunk
2nd grade group of girls posing for good behavior
4th Grade Students playing giant kerplunk
Kindergarten students playing a game with Mrs. Walker
4th Grade students playing twister
4th Grade students playing giant Jenga

On Friday, students were rewarded for their excellent behavior with thirty minutes of all out fun! Students came to the auditorium and played game after game with others their age. There was everything from giant bowling, Kerplunk, Jenga, and good old fashioned board games. To say these kids had a blast would totally be accurate. Good word Park View Bees for remembering school rules and keeping up the good behavior.