Natalie Mellen Awarded Park View Teacher of the Year!

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Wed, 03/09/2022 - 08:47
Natalie Mellen Teacher of the Year
Natalie Mellen Congratulation lunch
Natalie Mellen Teacher of the Year

Natalie Mellen, also known as Mrs. Mellen has been awarded Park View Elementary's teacher of the year! Natalie has been a teacher for fourteen years. She spent eight years teaching third grade but has called first grade her home for the last six years. One thing (among many) that we love about Natalie is that she loves her students. She looks for the best in all her students and strives for their success. She puts in countless hours lesson planning and making her classroom an engaging space. We asked a couple teachers around the school to write Mrs. Mellen some notes of congratulations. 

"Natalie is always willing to help me when I need help. When I was on her team last year, she would give me ideas she was using for different units. I really appreciated her kindness. She is also a great person to just talk to."

"What a well deserved recognition for Natalie! Having experienced the work that goes into teaching a large group of six and seven year old students, she is an inspiration to me. She is patient, loving and caring with those little ones. She puts her heart into her teaching. Her efforts have not gone unseen. Way to go Natalie! All this, having a family that she cares for at home, dealing with sickness, pitching with grand babies, and she handles it all beautifully. The woman is amazing!"

"Natalie is one of the kindest people I know. She always seems to have a smile on her face. She loves her first graders and all of the students she has taught. I know she pours her heart and soul into her class and works hard to help them succeed. You are a wonderful teacher Natalie and we love you at Park View."

"I love Natalie's optimism and her excitement. I appreciate that Natalie is willing to help other teachers and she is always willing to try new things and works hard to become a better teacher. She is a great example to me! I also love her personality, stories and laughter! She is just fun to be around." 

"Natalie is a great team player! I love that when I was on her team, we were able to help each other out. I'd often find ideas for the upcoming week in my box. She is a great friend and co-worker. Always there to listen and help give great advice. Natalie has a great love for her students and loves to see them succeed! She works really hard to use best practices and does a great job at preparing awesome and fun lessons for her students! We love you Natalie!" 

We love you Natalie, we can't think of a better person to receive teacher of the year!