Fire In The Hole Fun Run

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Sun, 09/26/2021 - 21:12
Fire in the Hole Fun Run Advertisement Oct. 6: 3,4,5 grades run. Oct.7: K,1,2 grades Run

Park View is hosting a Fun Run! If you are new to our school you might be wondering what a Fun Run is, well… Each class will be running around the field in an effort to raise money for our school! Here is how it works.

1. Students will be given an envelope. They will take the envelope home and ask parents, grandparents, neighbors, etc… to pledge a dollar amount based on how much they run.
a. You can pledge one dollar or more for...
             i. Every lap the student runs (“I’ll pay you $2 for every lap you run!”)
            ii. A total sum (“I’ll pay you $10 to run as many laps as you can.”) 
           iii. Or, for hitting their class goal (“If your class makes their running goal, I will pay $20”)
2. Each grade level will be running for their pledge amount on a certain day.
a. October 6: Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade
b. October 7: Kinder, First, and Second Grade
3. Students can dress up for this event. They can wear anything pirate themed. So, find your stuffed parrots, pirate hats, eye patches, and hooks!
4. After running in the Fun Run, students will return to the adult that pledged the money and collect. The money will go into the envelope and will need to be returned anytime from October 8-October 21. You will want to be snappy in getting envelopes in because any class to return all their envelopes will get a donut party!
Please click here for the Fundraiser Disclosure form.