Doug Smith Subaru Adopts Park View

Submitted by shanna.stirland on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 07:20
Doug Smith Team Visits Park View.
Showing off the new soccer balls.
Putting donated soccer ball into action.

Park View Elementary has been fortunate this year to have Doug Smith Subaru adopt our school. They love learning and love helping schools. They collected donations from their employees and customers to provide needed school supplies for our teachers, staff and students.  Six of our teachers were granted $500 each that could be spent on items to supplement and enrich the curriculum. They have been able to purchase books, science materials, math manipulatives and other supplies. All of our teachers were given Amazon cards to purchase something for their classrooms.

Derek Schweniman, general manager, and a team of employees made a special delivery to our school with a huge load of bright paper, paints, white board makers pens and PE equipment. The Doug Smith team was greeted by four of our student leaders who expressed sincere appreciation for the gifts. One boy said, “I sure hope our class gets one of those new soccer balls,” and he was later pleased to find out they did get one. Another student told them, “We will really use these supplies, thanks so much.”

Mrs. Jasperson, a third grade teacher told the principal, “Wow, this is wonderful. I spend so much of my own money every year on extra things for my class. These donations help me out – a lot.”

“I appreciate that a big business like Doug Smith, would do something for our school. This is so generous,” stated Mrs. Barney, a second grade teacher, “They don’t even know us, and did this. It’s just so nice.”

Mrs. Walker, the principal expressed to the Doug Smith visitors that Park View is a great school with wonderful families, but we fall into a difficult category concerning funding. We live in a catchment area that has a mix of middle income families, but we also have many low income families that struggle to make ends meet. Our school doesn’t qualify for the extra funds that come from Title I, but we don’t live in an area of affluence. This means that we do not receive the amount donations as many of the school in more affluent areas. This is why the donations and grant money given to our teachers from Doug Smith is all the more meaningful.  

Many employees and customers from Doug Miller had written notes of encouragement to our students and staff. These messages were arranged on a fun poster board and delivered to our school with the other donations. It’s so awesome to see the students and staff walk by and read those notes from people they don’t even know, but care about our school. One note reads, “Park View Rocks”. Well it is likewise – Park View thinks “Doug Smith Subaru Rocks!”

Mrs. Walker