New Year’s Resolution

Submitted by joann.kirk on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 08:35

It's a new year so we asked some of the students and teachers what New Year’s resolutions they have made.   Lizbeth Alvarado wants to get better at art.  Ellie Hine wants to read five series.  Evelyn Cervantes wants to be nice to her sister.   Mrs. Kirk said she wants to read 12 good books.  Mrs. Jasperson and Ms. Allred want to eat healthier.  Mr. Broadbent wants to get a full night sleep.  Mr. Sueldo wants to get a six pack.  These are some of Park View student's and faculty's New Year’s resolutions.


Lizbeth Alvarado and Gracie Spencer

Robotics and STEM Program Offered at Park View

Submitted by joann.kirk on Mon, 01/18/2016 - 12:25

Your child has the opportunity to participate in a Robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program after school.  The program is held at Park View Elementary beginning January 25, 2016 and will run through March 14th for all students in the 4th - 6th grades.  Classes meet once a week for one or two hours after school each Monday. The cost is $55 per student.  Check with the office for registration forms.  It will be fun and educational.


Students of the Month Show Charity

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When we do any good to others, we do as much, or more, good to ourselves.  Benjamin Whichcote

December was the month to think about others, serve others and show kindness.  Park View provided many opportunities to serve through the teddy bear drive, the food drive, Santa letters and the blanket and coat drive. Everyone gave of their surplus to help others who may want.   These students were nominated by their classmates for their extra charitable hearts.

Welcoming Mrs. Bird

Submitted by joann.kirk on Mon, 01/18/2016 - 11:52

Mrs. Prina, our favorite fifth grade teacher has left us. Her last day was just before Christmas break.  The students and faculty will miss her terribly.  She has been teaching for six years.  Some of her favorite treats are gingerbread and chocolate.  Her favorite games are Tella Striations, and Signs.  We wish her much happiness as she serves her little family.  We will always remember her smile and creative ideas.  She was an amazing teacher.                             We are so excited to welcome our new teacher Miss. Bird.  Miss.

Ellie Hine

Park View Celebrates Christmas with Learning Activities

Submitted by joann.kirk on Tue, 12/29/2015 - 17:08

Crafts, games, gift exchanges, cookie decorating, pajama and pizza parties, breakfast, and poem creation were all activities planned by parents and teachers to prepare for the holiday excitement.  

Here is a poem written by Mrs. Marsh's second grade class:


There once was a reindeer named Glitzen,

Who had a crush on Blitzen.

He was so cute,

And never a brute,

She always wanted to kiss him.

Now enjoy these pictures: