Teacher Appreciation Week Gave Students a Chance to Thank their Special Teachers

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Teacher appreaction week. We had the chance to take pictures of doors that parents and the student council made. There were so many nice ones. There were food ones, cleaning ones, Plants, puzzels, bugs, minions, sports, reading, hot air balloons, worlds, cars, colors, mazes, wanted signs, Napoleon Dynamite, Olaf, rockstars, typing, mountain dew and songs. They were cool, creative and awesome. I loved looking at them. Thank You to the PTA student council and Room moms. They do so much. Remember to be extra good for your teachers this week.


Brielle Shirley

Pay It Forward Assembly

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A few weeks back, the Pay it Forward Fun Run was held.  The school with the most students who wanted to Pay it Forward would receive sports equipment and be honored with a special assembly.

By Maya Sorenson and Brielle Shirley

Mindy Hardy is Park View's Crystal Apple Award Recipient

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Congratulations to Mindy Hardy, Sixth grade teacher at Park View School and this year’s recipient of the Crystal Apple Award.

Mindy Hardy grew up in Woodruff, one of the coldest places in Utah.  She lived on a cattle ranch and enjoyed riding horses.  She helped her family herd and brand cows and did all the fun things you can do on a cattle ranch.  After graduating from high school, Mindy enrolled at UVU.  Earning her degree in Elementary Education, she was hired at Park View and has been teaching sixth grade for the past three years.

Evelyn Ellsworth

CHADD Of Utah County Holds Their Next AD/HD Support Group

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"CHADD" stands for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.  CHADD is a non-profit national, state and local organization dedicated to educating, supporting and advocating for those affected in some way by AD/HD.  If you are a parent of a child with AD/HD or you are an adult with AD/HD, then this support group is just for you!

Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm  at Provo City Library  550 North University Ave., Provo  Young-Card Room #308