Success of the 2nd Annual Fun Run

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 10/31/2015 - 11:16

The Second Annual Fun Run was held at the beginning of October.  Students have run their laps and collected their donations.  Mrs. Gull said, ”I thought that everyone did a good job.  I loved seeing everyone participating.”  Avery Bulky said,”I think that I can do twenty laps.  I love running!”   It looked like the music really pumped up every one.  Emeleo said that he was trying to earn twenty dollars.  Vivian said “ I want to run 20 laps, and I really like running in this fun run with my friends!!”  

Ellie Hine, Lyndsee Slade, Claire Porter, Gracie Spencer, Lexie Crawford, Amanda Johnson

Red Ribbon Week

Submitted by joann.kirk on Thu, 10/29/2015 - 07:46

We are right in the midst of Red Ribbon Week, October 26th through the 30th.  On Monday the theme is AIM to be drug free, so wear Red! On Tuesday the theme is DON’T BE CRAZY! Crazy hair day. Wednesday TURN YOUR BACK ON DRUGS! Wear your clothes backwards!!! Thursday JEAN-ius, I’m drug free!!! Wear everything jeans! Spooky Friday is Drugs are SCARY!!! Wear your Halloween costume! Boo to drugs!!!    The Halloween Parade will be at 1:00.  Dress warm: we are hoping to be outside to see all the spooks.

Claire Porter and Gracie Spencer