Community Helpers Visit Kindergarten

Submitted by carrie.vannosdol on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 16:32

Kindergarten spent the week learning about community helpers. They had visitors from a local dentist, Dr. Joe Winward. He taught them that teeth need to be brushed twice a day for two minutes each time. Deputy Sheriff Janda taught students to call 911  when they have an emergency. They need to be able to tell them their name and address when they call. Firefighter Carl McClellan also visitied and taught students that if there's a fire, the first thing to do is to stay low and get out. We are grateful for all of our community helpers!

Colleen Rife

Cooking with Solar Ovens

Submitted by samantha.jasperson on Fri, 09/23/2016 - 13:24

On Monday, September 19 all the third grade classes learned about the sun's energy and how they use it for electricity. We got to experiment and make our own solar oven. Here comes the tricky part, we could only use 5 things a pizza box, tin foil,saran wrap, scissors and glue. We split up into partners and got to work. Wednesday, September 21 arrived, we took our solar ovens outside and set them down in the hot sun, we hoped for it to cook some delicious s’mores! We let them cook for about and we checked the temperature every 10 minutes. Finally, they were ready!

Written By: Aimee Wilkinson