"Watch Us Grow" Art Festival

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It is time for our annual Park View Arts Festival! The theme this year is “Watch Us Grow”.  

There are three categories that students can enter :

  • Photography
  • Traditional Media: Paintings, watercolors, drawings, poems, etc...
  • Alternative Media: Screen prints, calligraphy, tissue paper, digital artwork, cross stitch, etc...


All entries are due by February 24th. 


Shark Week with Mrs. Gull's Class

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Mrs. Gull's second grade class just finished up Shark Week! They wrote informational true or false books all about sharks, they even conducted their own research. Throughout the week they did all things shark related and ended with a shark themed writing party. This really was sure to be a week these second graders won't forget. 

2023 Science Fair

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Science fairs provide students an opportunity to apply science and engineering practices that real scientists and engineers use every day to solve problems and answer big questions. One of the most significant benefits of a science fair is that students discover that they can learn exciting things on their own through investigating and experimenting.   With that understanding, science fairs are practical and relevant.

Fast Facts:

Jared Broadbent

UVU Stronger Families Project

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UVU Offers Stronger Families Project

Take part in a FREE 8-week Family Life Education Course with the UVU Stronger Families Project.

In-person sessions will be delivered at various locations in Utah County. 

Classes begin the week of January 30 and are held one evening per week through March 30.
Apply at: https://www.uvu.edu/sfp/apply/

Lana Hiskey

Second Term Reward Activity

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On Friday, students were rewarded for their excellent behavior with thirty minutes of all out fun! Students came to the auditorium and played game after game with others their age. There was everything from giant bowling, Kerplunk, Jenga, and good old fashioned board games. To say these kids had a blast would totally be accurate. Good word Park View Bees for remembering school rules and keeping up the good behavior.