Meet the Bees!

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We want to introduce you to our incredible afternoon secretary! Mrs. Knuteson is one of the best. She is kind, helpful, and she is one fabulous hype up lady. We love Mrs. Knuteson!

Walk to School Day - October 4th

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October 4th is our Walk-to-School Day. We hope all of our students can either walk or ride their bike to school. You could even park a black away and have your child walk that block. There will be fun things going on right before school starts. We hope everyone will participate. 

Mrs. Walker

Science with Mrs. Marsh

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Last week in Mrs. Marsh's science block, the students were challenged to make a tower that was 12 inches tall using 20 index cards and 16 paper clips.  Then they were challenged to make a tower at least 6 inches tall that would hold a hardcover book.  They are learning all about shapes, materials, and design. Students had to demonstrate the learning qualities of connecting persisting, and collaborating!