The Peak Award Given to Holly Kent


If you have ever been to our school I'm sure you have talked with our wonderful secretary Holly Kent. She is the glue that keeps our school together! Not only do the students and faculty love her but so do all the parents. She is friendly, kind, generous, helpful, funny, hardworking and service oriented. In October Holly was nominated by Marcey Humpherys for The Peak Award and was selected as a winner! This is an award Nebo School District has put in place as a way to showcase the positive energy and kind employees within the district. The Peak Awards are nominated by patrons and recognized by the Superintendent Staff and Nebo School Board of Education.

This is what Marcey had to say about the amazing Holly Kent. "Holly has continued to offer encouragement and assistance to students and parents for many years. She always has a smile on her face and a positive comment. I appreciate her ability to create a positive atmosphere at the elementary school. She makes students and parents feel valued.”

Congratulations Holly, Park View feels so lucky to have you as our secretary. We love you Mrs. Kent!

Recognize A Veteran



Dear Parents,

For those willing, we would like to give our students the opportunity to share with the school something about a relative that has served, or is serving in the military.  We are going to use the information given about these relatives in our Veteran’s Day Assembly on Friday, November 11th.  The assembly will be at 2:15 in the gym.

Here’s what to do:

  • Write a paragraph (50 words or less) about the relative that has served, or is currently serving in the military. Please include:

  • The name of the student and the name of the person serving in the military.

  • How is the child related to this person?

  • The branch of the military this person served in.

  • Please include a brief description of what that person did, where they served and/or an interesting fact about the person’s time while serving in the military.

  • Email a picture of the relative – It can be a current picture, a picture from the time they served or both (No more than two pictures).  If you don’t have a way to send a digital picture, you can bring it to school and we will scan it for you.

  • All entries must be sent by the evening of Tuesday, November 8th.  

We appreciate your willingness to share, and we hope that it will be a wonderful experience for everyone.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs. Stirland

Park View School Principal




Halloween is on Monday, we would love to see students in their costumes! Here are a few things to remember when helping your child plan for that day. 

1. No masks (students may wear a mask during the parade but it needs to be put away during instruction hours)

2. No real or fake weapons of any sort.

3. You may paint your face (just make sure that it isn't too scary.

4. Have fun!

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all invited to our Halloween parade. The parade will begin at 11:00 am sharp! We ask that you sit on the field West of the parking lot. If you need more direction refer to the map in the picture que. 


Hand in Hand We Say NO to Drugs!


Red ribbon week has started out great! So far we have rallied in red against drugs, socked it to drugs in our silly socks, and used our heads to say no to drugs. 

On Tuesday each child in the school got a red hand to sign, this was their way of pledging to be drug free! 

BRAVE lunch!


Each month the students of Park View work on a different value, teachers keep their eyes open for students in their class and in the halls that are being brave and exemplifying that specific value. These students are then recognized over the intercom on Friday mornings and are known as our "brave" students.

In September students worked on being optimistic! 5 lucky "brave" students were drawn from our brave notes to eat lunch with Mrs. Stirland. They got to eat at a fancy table in the lunch room during their lunch hour. They had so much fun. We are so proud of our brave students, nice job being optismistic! 


Mrs. Shepherd's Class Characterization Book Reports

Jessica Jensen

Our book report this term, was to make a poster that made us look like the character from our book. We had a lot of good posters and characters. They were really cool and creative! We also had to fill in a paper that had more information about the character, like their problem and how they solved the problem. We had to draw a picture of what they looked like, we loved getting creative with our posters. We had so much fun with this book report and we're actually really excited to do another one. Now you know a little bit more about the posters hanging outside of Mrs. Shepher's class.



The Box Top War

Emree Hall

 Last week our school did a box tops contest. Each class brought in box tops and every day the student council would pick them up and count them. For every 25 box tops the class brought in they earned a  pokemon to go on their door. What ever class had the most at the end of the day got a small treat and the class that earned the most for the week got an even bigger treat!

The ending totals were:

  • Kindergarten: 891
  • 1st: 584
  • 2nd: 1,572
  • 3rd: 1,028
  • 4th:1,469
  • 5th: 2,103
  • 6th: 1,589


The 5th grade won with Mr. Broadbent's class bringing in the most, good job!




Hinckley Blanco

This is your time to shine by expressing, "what's your story?" You can do this by a simple dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, painting, drawing and other visual art (2D & 3D)

All reflections are due on October 28th. Make sure that when you turn in your art work you have your artist statement, which is all about your fabulous art work. Also, make sure you follow any rules that are required. You can go to the office for more information!

Last of all just have fun!


What Is Your Story? Reflections 2016-17


The reflections theme this year is...What is Your Story? 

We encourage everyone to enter, it is easy! You can pick up the necessary forms at the office or click the link below to fill them out digitally. Entries are due October 28, 2016.

We can't wait to see what you come up with, good luck!

Reflection Forms

  • Forms are listed below as attachements. Each project that is turned in requires;  

1.  An Artist Statement for their category,

2.  a Consent form, and

3.  a Student Entry Form.  

You do not need to print or bring the rules.  Those are there for your benefit to read! 

Entry Forms: