Community Helpers Part 2!

Elle McClellan


On October 12, 2016 I interviewed some kindergarten students about the community helpers that came into Mrs. Rife’s class. Professionals from around the community came in to talk to the students about their jobs. There was: a policeman, a firefighter, a dentist, and an ambulance driver.  They learned a lot, they learned what number to call if there is an emergency and they learned that they have to brush their teeth for two minutes at least twice a day. The last thing was the most important, they learned that they too have a job, it is to be hard workers and good students.



Community Helpers Visit Kindergarten

Colleen Rife
Dr. Joe Winward demonstrates brushing teeth to Park View's kindergarten students.
Deputy Sheriff Janda teaches Park View's kindergarten to call 911 when they have an emergency.
Firefighter Carl McClellan teaches fire safety to Park View's kindergarten students.

Kindergarten spent the week learning about community helpers. They had visitors from a local dentist, Dr. Joe Winward. He taught them that teeth need to be brushed twice a day for two minutes each time. Deputy Sheriff Janda taught students to call 911  when they have an emergency. They need to be able to tell them their name and address when they call. Firefighter Carl McClellan also visitied and taught students that if there's a fire, the first thing to do is to stay low and get out. We are grateful for all of our community helpers!

SEP Conferences Thursday, October 6!


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The teachers at Park View are looking forward to meeting with you. To schedule an appointment check your email for a sign up sheet sent by your childs teacher OR call the front office at (801) 465-6010 to make your appointment. 

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Cooking with Solar Ovens

Written By: Aimee Wilkinson

On Monday, September 19 all the third grade classes learned about the sun's energy and how they use it for electricity. We got to experiment and make our own solar oven. Here comes the tricky part, we could only use 5 things a pizza box, tin foil,saran wrap, scissors and glue. We split up into partners and got to work. Wednesday, September 21 arrived, we took our solar ovens outside and set them down in the hot sun, we hoped for it to cook some delicious s’mores! We let them cook for about and we checked the temperature every 10 minutes. Finally, they were ready! Those s’mores were delicious!

A special thanks and shout out to Little Ceasars for donating the pizza boxes!


4th Grade Egg Dropping Contest

Maddox Callister
Leah and Adriana are excited for this egg drop!

The egg dropping contest is a fun thing to do in class. You get to build a box and put things in the box to support the egg. The idea is to try to make the egg not break once you drop it off the building or something else.


The first thing you need to do, is make a good base for the egg like a box or a bag,something you can put the egg in .(I put my egg in a box)

But a box isn't the only thing you need, you also need a type of soft or squishy landing in the box, like bubble wrap, cotton balls or toilet paper just something soft that will help it have a soft landing.

You might want something like a parachute or something to slow it down, but it is optional you don’t really need it, it might help a little. Because, it would help, if you could make the box land upright so the egg isn’t moving around so much.

Building a box and being successful might be hard but it’s very fun.


 My favorite thing about the egg dropping contest is building a box, I built my box out of an oatmeal box and then I put bubble wrap around the egg and bubble wrap under and on top of the bubble wrapped egg I put those things in the oatmeal box and I taped a parachute on top of the box once everyone was done we went outside and then someone dropped off all the boxes when they dropped off mine it didn’t break. It was a success, I was really happy.

As you can see the egg dropping contest is really fun and you can have a partner to help I think you should try it.


Flu Clinic Coming to Park View


The Health Department will offer a vaccine clinic at Park View on September 27. The clinic is open to everyone!  This is a great opportunity for families to get immunized for many things, not just flu. Required vaccinations for kindergarten and 7th grade will be offered at this clinic! 

A list of accepted insurances and other dates to attend the clinic can be found HERE.  Please note that uninsured children under 19 may get any vaccine for $16.