Choir Concert


Thursday, December 15 Park View Elementary was able to hear the sweet melodies sung by our very own! They sang Christmas songs and for the finale sang the hit soundtrack from Zootopia "Try Everything." It was a lot of fun to see all of their hardwork pay off! 

A special thanks to the choir teacher Ms. Diana! If you want your child to join choir see the office for details at the beginning of the year. Choir practice is every Wednesday for about an hour after school. 



Food Drive Success


Everyone here at Park View wants to give you a big THANK YOU for donating to our food drive. We were able to bring in over 2,500 canned goods and nonperishable food items, what a success! This food will be go to families within our school boundaries and school district. 

Thanks again for helping us give back to the community! 

Science Assembly

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Nail of Beds
This is a Nail Biter
Mixing Chemicals
Mrs. Ward on a Homemade Hover Craft
Human Circuit
Enoch Stepping on Broken Glass Without Shoes on!
Massive Bubble!
Mrs. Jasperson's Class with the Science Demo Team

On December first students of Park View Elementary got to experience how cool science really is! Oak Canyon Jr. High Science Demo Team came and presented several awesome science expereiments. They opened the assembly with a fire dance party. They trapped propane gas inside of a PVC pipe, sound waves from loud music moved the gases making flames emit from the PVC pipe, it was incredible! They presented on gases, chemicals, air, light, force and a lot more. Mrs. Ward and Madison Walker were privledged enough to ride on a homemade hover craft, a student was put inside of a massive bubble and for the finale... Mrs. Ellsworth laid on a bed of nails! It was nail biter ;)

Thank you Oak Canyon Jr. High Science Team! 

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast


The Kindergarten students were extra lucky this Thanksgiving season because they got to indulge in a Thanksgiving feast at school! Students wore pilgrim hats and made necklaces from cereal. Parents were invited to feast with their children, they feasted on: turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, rolls, and vegetables. 

What a fun way to bring in the season!

Rewards Assembly


Each term the students of Park View are rewarded for their good behavior. This term everyone was entertained and wowed by a magician. We witnessed things like: money appearing out of thin air, ropes being cut and magically put together by the flick of a wrist, magical wands and much much more! 

Great job students of Park View for being spectatular and making our school great!


Thank You Veterans!

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2016-17 5th grade class singing at the Veterans Day assembly
Mrs. Shepherd & her dad Scott Frame: Military Police Officer
Jared & Kyle Johnston and their great-grandfather Lieutenant A. Richard Allred (Miss Allred's Father)
Alexa Cowan and her grandpa John L. Cowan
Stockton Smith and his great-grandpa Commander "Jack" Rollins
Jackson Nunnelly with his father Sergeant First Class Shawn Nunnelly
James & Raegan Sevy with their grandpa Randy Sevy
Bryan Turnbow & his step-dad Sergeant Joshua Calton
Anders, Forest, & Oliver Hansen with their uncle Staff Sergeant Sam Clark
Tyson Sumsion with his grandpa MSG Todd Hillier
Brooklyn & Dillion Cox with their cousin Staff Sergeant Zack Adams
Jelaiah & Savyon Williams' with their great grandpa Jack Bryson Ore (Mrs. Ore's Father-in-law)
Landon & Myles Ledezma and their mother Anne-Marie Welch
Trevyn Huff & his grandpa Ross Huff
Hayden Bingham with his uncle Chad Houchin
Riley & Malia Cook with their grandpa Soldier Roger Cook
Paisley Marvin with her great grandpa Clyde Leroy Hone
Is Linde with her father and uncle Craig & Cliff Linde
Kade & Kendal Edwards and their great uncle, Soldier Chris Delano Munson

Students and faculty of Park View Elementary celebrated and honored the veterans of our country on Veterans Day, Friday, November 11. First, students showed their respect by wearing any kind of camouflage to school, it was fun to see everyone dressed in their army attire. At the end of the day an honorary assembly was held. The fifth grade students set the tone for the assembly by singing patriotic songs like, "Proud To Be An American."

Prior to the assembly Park View reached out to students, parents, and faculty asking for pictures and a write up of veterans they were related to. During the assembly those students were called up on stage in place of their relative and the student body was privledged to hear their stories. It was amazing to see and hear of the brave men and women who served or are currently serving our country.


To them we say THANK YOU! We feel incredibly lucky to live in this free country, all thanks to our veterans!


Q and U Get Married!

Q & U are Bob & Connie Parsons (Mrs. Rife's Parents)
Marriage is what brings us together.
Waiting for Q & U to arrive.
Mrs. Stirland performed the ceremony.

Friday, November 11, 2016 the letter Q and U were married. These letters are a perfect match and we couldn't be happier for their union!

On this wonderful day the kindergartners of Park View Elementary came dressed as queens and quarterbacks. These lucky guests witnessed the matrimony of Q and U (played by Bob and Connie Parsons, Mrs. Rife's parents) who were married by Mrs. Stirland our principal. After the ceremony guests enjoyed wedding cake and danced in celebration. 

Congratulations Q and U, we wish you the best in all words!

The PTA Needs You!

Find this board at the front of our school!

Want to know what going on at our school? Want to help, big or small, but don't know how? Want to know what PTA does for the school? Want to be on the PTA email list? Stop in at the front of the school, across from the office, and you can do all of the above! 



Book Fair Week!

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Mrs. Adams Recommendation, 2nd Grade
Mrs. Barney's Recommendation, 2nd Grade
Mr. Broadbent's Recommendation, 5th Grade
Mrs. Nielson's Recommendation, 6th Grade
Mrs. Shepherd's Recommendation, 4th Grade
Mrs. Hall's Recommendation, 4th Grade
Mrs. Gull's Recommendation, 3rd Grade
Mrs. VanNosdol's Recommendation, 6th Grade
Mrs. Pugmire's Recommendation, 6th Grade
Miss Allred's Recommendation, 4th Grade
Mrs. Jasperson's Recommendation, 3rd Grade
Ms. Kirgan's Recommendation, 3rd Grade

It's that time of year for the book fair! This is such a great opportnity for students, families, and teachers to build their library at a really great price. The book fair is open before and after school, students are required to have money in order to enter the book fair.

Parents if you want to help build a teachers library go ahead and check out the wish lists that teachers have created! They are located at the book fair placed inside the monsters at the front. Teachers have also recommeded books that are fit for their grade level and interests, scroll throught the picture feed to check it out!