Park View Student Council

Mrs. Doxey, Mrs. Kirk
2011 Student Council: Kenji, Jose, Briton, Mrs. Reynolds, Ashland, Aubrey, Kaisley, Parker, Abby, Amelia, Derek, Brooke, Melanie, Joe, Kari, TJ, Abbie, Megan, Daniel, Abby, Magen, Ambria, Ruby, Sabryne, Hayden
T. J. Moser and his friends take notes during a lecture.
Hayden Heaton, Jose Valle and Joe Flores share an exciting moment.
Kenji takes the opportunity to learn more about how to be a good friend.

The Park View Student Council had the opportunity to attend a conference on leadership at BYU November 3. At the conference council members heard from outstanding motivational speakers, including John Bytheway. Students rotated through a series of sessions where they participated in team building activities, and learned about reaching goals, networking, and positive leadership. Students were also privileged to learn about false perceptions, responsibility and freedom, as magician Brad Barton represented these things visually through magic tricks. When the students were asked what stood out to them about the conference, many of them mentioned how impressed they were about how far a small act of kindness can actually go and what it might mean to someone in need. They felt motivated to use their leadership for good and have been implementing these lessons at their school.

November Students of the Month Assembly

Mrs. Kirk, Miss Allred and Miss Olsen
Fourth grade students reminding us that honesty is the best policy.
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month
2011 Nov Students of the month

Park View 'Students of the Month Assembly' was held on November 4. Fourth grade students, directed by Mr. Gowans, Mrs. Ewell and Mrs. Blackham reminded the students to be honest. They presented a video showing examples of being dishonest and then doing the right thing by being honest. They reminded us that be best policy is honesty. They sang a song entitled, “Honesty.”

Afterwards, the students of the month were presented. Each of these students have gone above and beyond expectations of attitude, behavior, and academics. We congratulate these students on their outstanding achievements:

Kindergarten: Caleb Young, Fausto Sandoval, McKinley Judd, Cley Hancock, Aileen Terry, Jesus Rosas, Will McClellan, Makaylie Jones, Reese Young, Syanna Demille, Halle Elmer and Addison Alexander.

1st grade: Crystal Allen, Ali Spencer, Samantha Wright, Colby Rigby, Mackenzie, Riley Cook, Jaziel Maldonado, Oakey Brotherson, Kaleb Emmons, Kadin Mabey, and Reuben Hawkes.

2nd Grade: Alec Eaves, Ashlyn Morton, J T LeSueur, Nicora Conder, Cristian Rodriguez, Camie Hamblin, Ariana Newton, Waylon Broadhead, Dillon Schmidt, Avery Boyack,

3rd Grade: Livi Adams, Katie Cunningham, Carter Ward, Kaden Quinn, Kamry Flippen, Halle Bulkley, Rexdon Nelson, Jacob Sorenson, Fernada Guevara, Violet Andrew, Quaid Olsen, Nathan Baird.

4th Grade: Dylan Mecham, Mark Tolman, Zoe Mellen, Giorgio De le Torre, Donovan Mahaffey, Abby Orozco, Kyler Haveron, Skyler Burraston, Brooklyn Giles, Derek Burton, Cozette Caron, and Shayden Hardy.

5th Grade: Amanda Hughes, Brennan Jensen, Griffin Spencer, Ashley Hamblin, Pete Syme, Brighton Gustafson, and Zach Adams.

6th Grade: Allie Hayward, Myranda Goodworth, Brady Olson, Joslyn Taylor, Hagen Wright, Jake Webb, Macy McClellan, Rhett Meek, and Kaisley Theobald.

Halloween Parade 2011

Joann Kirk, Jessie Olsen
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Now, these students are in the true Halloween Spirit!
Mrs. Ewell, Mrs. Busch, Miss Shumway, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Gowans and Mrs. Blackham in disguise.
Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Lundgren, Miss Hutchinson, Mrs. Ewell and Mrs. Mellen pose during lunch for an angelic picture.
Jake Webb and Robbie Ewell - This is attitude!
Mrs. Reynolds and her family wish everyone a Happy Halloween.
Mrs. Smith and her Care Bear way.
First graders line up for the parade.
Mrs. Barney's ghouls.
It this sweet Natalie? or not?
Mrs. Lundgrun's sixth grade spooks
Mrs. Mcintier and Mrs. Davis with their "Lucky Seven."
Little Red Riding Hood and her basket of goodies. Did the wolf find her?
Aly Stalcup leads her fourth grade class in the Halloween Parade.
Mrs. Ewell leads her class in the parade.
Our little angels?
Mrs. Blackham is 'not afraid of them ghosts.'
Fifth graders have talent, terror and tricks up their sleeves.
Sixth graders hard at work learning their tricks.
Miss Shumway leads in her unique Zombie way.
You can see the tricks in their eyes.
It's just plain madness!
The Haunting of Park View, Chapter One
Into trouble again?
They make the cutest little monsters.
First grade goblins
Grandma Peck and her kindergarten excitement
The Kindergarten class wishes everyone a Happy Halloween.
Is this really the end? Happy Tricking!

The students of Park View Elementary are no different than any other student in the country, They love Halloween!  They showed their excitement in dressing up and participating in the annual Halloween Parade held on October 31.  Please enjoy the pictures of our ghouls, goblins, monsters, angels and just plain unique personalities of the students of Park View.  You've gotta love 'em.

September Students of the Month

Jessie Olsen, Joann Kirk
Third-graders encourage good manners.
October 2011 Students of the month
Oct ober 2011 Students of the month
October 2011 Students of the month
October 2011 Students of the month

Park View Elementary students were honored at an assembly this past week for outstanding character, academic performance, and attitude. The third grade students presented a skit reminding the school about the importance of using good manners. The audience was able to participate when the third-graders held up signs saying “boo!” or “cheer” during their skit. The students of the month are listed below:

Kindergarten: Braxton Bills, Mataya Bowen, Elle McClellan, Trevor Wilkinson, Riley Peay, McKay Swenson, Hayden Bingham, Irie McClellan, Lauren Wilson, Haley Manning

First Grade: Lia Wengert, Antoine Mitchell, Kamryn Meek, Braxton Daley, Addison Badertscher, Stefani Larin, Ashton Andrew, Jaxon Bulkley, Trevyn Huff

----Second Grade: Skyler Ainscough, Makylee Peterson, Gentry Taylor, Zachary Oryall, Autumn Begay, Faith Vigil, Kohen Losee, Heidi Faust, Brandt Peterson, Mac McClellan

Third Grade: Tessa Peterson, Allana Lemperle, Aubrey Wengert, Trevor Campbell, Lance Hughes, Tristan Nez, Ashlyn Bullock, Garett Williams, Breanna Wright, Jennica Davis, Addison Badertscher

Fourth Grade: Athena Nackos, Lindsey Welton, Boston Wilson, Sydney Jensen, Braxton Hall, Brandon Presson, Joseph Brandley, Hannah Garrett, Emely Alas, Kya Heimuli, Nicolas Cooper

Fifth Grade: Alyssa Baker, Wyatt Smith, Dempsey Hardy, Kearsten Demeree, Kari Evans, Emma Hinton, Dallin Wilkinson, Macee Stewart, Sailor Riley, Joe Flores, Taylor Willden

Sixth Grade: Abby Tervort, Don Page, Megan Hall, Jose Valle, Megan Dixon, Micah Toelupe, Aubrey Schmidt, Kaycee Lemperle, Jacob Ford, Abbie Jensen

Red Ribbon Week

Jessie Olsen, Joann Kirk
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Mrs. Toutai's first grade class on Western Day.JPG
Mrs. Toutai's first grade class on slipper and silly sock day.JPG
First-graders on hat day (Sadie Barben, Jonathan Gonzalez, Parker Allen, Brook Clark, Jake Wheeler, and Ashton Andrew).jpg
Hat day, Ashton Andrew, first grade.jpg
Mrs. Blackham's fourth-graders on silly sock day.jpg
Playing Pictionary on Pajama Day, Jack Mecham and Brelynn Grammer, first grade.jpg
Alyssa Baker, fifth grade.jpg
Ms. Lundell's first grade students remind us that we all belong.
Mrs. Barney's class says "No" to drugs.
Mrs. McAllister's class warns, "Don't be tricked by drugs."
Ms. Shumway's 5th graders say NO to drugs.
Ms. Allred's class warns us drugs will make us batty.
Mrs. Doxey's 6th graders challenge us to choose the right side.
We want to hang with Miss VanNosdol's monkeys. They are drug free!
Let's be as wise as Mrs. Smith's class and "don't give a hoot about drugs."
Adrian Figueroa, Spencer Nelson, Jordan Gonzalez, and Wendy Camba promise to never do drugs.
Mrs. Millet's 2nd graders say, "Drugs are scary, so stay away."
Mrs. Blackham's 4th graders won't be stung by drugs.
Mrs. Ewell's class believes their hands should stay off drugs
Mrs. Mellen's 3rd graders remind us that drugs are a trick.
Mrs. Lundgren's 6th graders promise to stay clean. Luke Eddington, Jake Ford, Hagen Wright and Braydon Bahr show their muscles because they don't do drugs.
Mrs. Toutai's class is all wrapped up in being drug free.
Mrs. Gull's class wants us to rest in peace knowing we are drug free.

Last week Park View Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Each class decorated their door with clever ways to stay away from drugs.The students and teachers loved dressing up for the different themes each day that reminded them not to do drugs. On Monday they wore hats and said, "Put a cap on drugs." Tuesday was pajama day as students and teachers remembered to "Give drugs the snooze." On Wednesday, cowboys and cowgirls roamed the halls and said, "We-stren away from drugs." The next day students wore silly socks and slippers to "Give drugs the slip," and Friday was school spirit day--Park View Bees have learned to "Bee proud to say no."

Read for the Record

Jessie Olsen, Kristie Reynolds
Mrs. Riley Reading.JPG
Mrs. Riley Reading2.JPG
Read for the Record.jpg
Jolee Nelson, 1st grade.jpg
Miss Olsen's first grade class loves to read!.jpg

On Thursday October 7th, students at Park View Elementary helped set a world record in reading. Students participated in Jumpstart's Read for the Record by being just a few of over 2 million students to read Llama Llama, Red Pajama at school that day. The students were lucky enough to have one of the school board members, Christine Riley, come and read the story to them. The kids dressed in red to celebrate (some even wore red pajamas), and they loved reading with Mrs. Riley.

Park View’s principal Mrs. Reynolds commented, “It was a wonderful treat to have Mrs. Riley as a guest reader at our school. She obviously loves children and reading. I know the first grade children loved her infectious positivity, and who wouldn't enjoy a good Llama Llama book.”

It was a memorable day. The students and teachers at Park View were grateful to Mrs. Riley for helping inspire children to read.

Students Walk to School

Joann Kirk
Beverly Serynek, of the PTA, greets students who walked to school.
Happy for exercise; excited for more recess.
Heath Turner walks his children to school. It's wonderful when parents get involved.

The students at Park View were encouraged to get their daily exercise by walking or riding their bikes or scooters to school on Oct 4, 2011. It is an ever increasing temptation to play video games or watch TV before and after school and become sedentary. Some youngsters don’t get enough exercise to remain healthy. With these thoughts in mind, Park View Elementary organized a Walk to School Day. If the students chose to walk to school, they could earn extra recess. “Even if it is raining, I will walk to school. I want extra recess,” commented Treven Huff.  Sheila Moreno added, “I can get more exercise and more recess.”  Heath Turner walks his children to school every Wednesday if it’s good weather.  He likes the idea of parents walking with their children.   Abby Sorensen and Ruby Baird were on Patrol Duty. They watch the crosswalk and make sure students are safe every morning. They said it was busier than usual because so many students decided to walk.

PTA parents were there to hand out stickers to all who exercised, and supervised students during their extra recess time. Beverly Serynek said, “It’s a great idea. I think they should do it every day.” Dempsey Hardy summed up the experience this way, “It took the breath out of me.”

Thanks to everyone for making this a special day for the children.


2011 Park View Storytelling Festival

Joann Kirk, Evelyn Ellsworth
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Cameron Ottesen, Hayley Ottesen, Manuel Escobar, Skylar Cox, and Jordan Cox greet Mrs. Reynolds as the festival begins.
Children enjoy the hayride around the school.
Two beauties strike a pose before buying tickets for the festival.
The flusher is a favorite activity. Seeing teachers, parents and friends get flushed is exhilarating.
Serious golfing buddies at play.
Who will be the winner of the Cake Walk?
Mrs. Tanner encourages a student to make a good toss.
The festival provided many exciting activities for all ages.
Karaoke was a new favorite event at the festival this year.
Each class chose a book and ...
Parents and students donated items symbolizing the book, then ...
Baskets were created to be auctioned off at the festival.
Mrs. Reynolds tops off the event by being flushed.
Thanks to the PTA for their support in making 2011 Rock n Read Festival a success.

On Saturday, September 24, Park View friends gathered for their annual Storytelling Festival. This year’s theme was “Rock and Read.” Students were treated to exciting activities such as face painting, hayrides, karaoke, photo booth, the bounce house and of course, the famous Flusher. Each class was responsible for creating a basket representing their favorite book. Students gathered items to donate to their basket, which was then auctioned off to the highest bidder.

PTA president, Vanessa Schmidt said, “It was a very successful event, raising money which in turn goes to the school.” Shannon Flippin commented, “It was fabulous!”

Park View would like to thank the PTA for the many hours spent on behalf of our school and thank parents for supporting this activity. All proceeds are used by the school to improve instruction for our children.

Parent’s Homework Night Held at Park View Elementary

Mrs. Reynolds and Joann Kirk
Mrs. Lundell teaches parents about 1st grade homework expectations
Mrs. Doxey and parents become a team
Mrs. McAllister teaches parents how to help their child complete homework


“Do you have homework tonight?” is a question parents often ask their children. “Will you help me?” often follows.

Park View Teachers wanted to assist parents in supporting their children and give them tools to create a positive experience as they do assigned homework. Homework Night was held on September 8, 2011 to accomplish this goal.

Mrs. Reynolds, the principal of Park View, stated, "I chose to do a Homework Night to bridge a gap between parents, teachers, and students. Often parents are frustrated because they do not know how to help their children master math strategies taught currently in classrooms. Instruction has evolved so much since parents learned such concepts as multi-digit addition or long division. Also, parents want to help their children read better, with more fluency, accuracy and expression, but they are not sure how to accomplish this. My hope is that Homework Night gave them ideas that will enable parents to help their children make doing homework a positive experience for all involved."

Parents were very excited about Homework Night. One parent commented, “It was very helpful to receive practical tips on simple things I can do with my students.” Another remarked, “I liked being able to ask the teacher questions about homework. It was helpful to learn exactly what the teacher expects from homework. This was a helpful evening.” Many parents expressed a desire to have more of these evenings throughout the year.

Teachers and parents, working as a team, can enhance the educational experiences and opportunities for our youth.

Park View Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Rolling out the Red Carpet for the Kindergarten Students

Nothing is more electrifying than the first day of school. This held true for the kindergarten students at Park View Elementary as Mrs. Reynolds helped make these bright-eyed scholars’ first day a special one by literally rolling out the red carpet and greeting them one by one as they crossed over the threshold of learning.

Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Toelupe and Mrs. Thomas, provided a wonderful day of enriching activities that helped them forget about missing mom and dad at home.

A big "Park View Bee Welcome" goes out to all the students at Park View who are returning or who are new at the school, and wishes to all the students at Park View to have a delightful and inspiring year.  Welcome Back!