Park View Reaches their Goal During Penny Wars

The Penny Wars always gets students feeling competitive, but never more than this year.  Mrs. Stirland made the goal to reach $3000 for the week to help purchase a new Chromebook Lab for the school.  Little did she know that, not only would the goal be reached, but essentially smashed!  The school earned over $5000 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  This is unheard of, folks!  Mrs. Stirland promised if we reached our goal, she would be duct taped to the wall.  Mrs. Ore agreed to the same challenge.  Each student was given a piece of duct tape to add to the cocoon that was build around these ladies all afternoon.  

Thanks to everyone who donated to this great cause; the chromebooks will benefit students for years to come.  

Karaoke Anyone?

All the students who had good behavior at Park View throughout the term were able to attend the first annual Karaoke Activity.  There has never been as much excitement, noise and singing as at this activity. Students were able to select props to wear, step up on the stage and perform their favorite tunes.   Hearts were pumpin', kids were jumpin'; it was a fun time for everyone.  Enjoy the energy with these photos:

Autism Awareness Month

Laura Anderson

Autism Awareness Month is almost here, and there are many events going on in Utah. Among them are our Annual Membership Meeting and Community Cafe. (**See below for info on the Community Cafe.) **PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for sending an RSVP for the Community Cafe is MONDAY, APRIL 4.**
Other exciting events happening this month:
Mar 31-Apr 1 Generations Conference 1 Balloon Launch St George, Utah Behavior Services Apr 1 Bottom Line of Disabillities Columbus Center 2 World Autism Awareness DayApr 8 UVU Conference on Autism 15 Disability Studies Forum--Symposium on Transition and Customized Employment for Individuals with Autism, University Neuropsychiatric Institute
Apr 16th UVU Balloon launch "Uplifting Celebration for Autism", 11am-1pm Apr 18 ACU Annual Meeting, 9-11 am, Community Cafe 11:30-1:30Apr 21 UVU Groundbreaking 9 am (more info to come)Apr 22 Zumba for Autism 26 KUED/PBS Dinosaur Train event--Discovery Gateway, 3:00pm – 6:00pm. They will be introducing a character who has autism.Apr 26 Sensory Faire, 4-7 pm, Viridian Events Center (more info to come)Apr 27 Geeking Out for Autism, 7pm-12am, The HUKA Bar, Murray
**Information on the Community Cafe:  Following this year's annual meeting, we will be holding an exciting new forum! Our Community Cafe, sponsored by UVU, will focus on person-centered care. It is a wonderful program that is being used to brainstorm and involve parents and professionals in a positive, interactive environment. So you will not only participate, but learn how to moderate the program with your peers and networks. Seating is limited. The Community Cafe will include lunch.
Don't forget to get your Autism License Plate! More info on our website. you would like more information about any of these activities, send a message to and she will send you more information.Thanks,Laura AndersonPresident

My favorite Dr.Suess book

By Gracie Spencer AND Claire Porter

Park View’s favorite Dr. Seuss books are Green Eggs and Ham, If I Owned a Zoo, Cat in The Hat, Hop on Pop, Butter Battle Bash, That was the kids favs, now let's ask the teachers! Some are Oh The Places You Go, McElligot's Pool, Wocket In My Pocket, Fox In Soxs, Star Belly Snitches, Horton Hears a Who, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Green Eggs And Ham, The Lorax, And Cat In The Hat.  Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs,     

Well That’s the favs. Bye


Penny wars!

Evelyn Cirvantes,Zaylee Hiatt And Kate NielsonClaire Poter And Grace Spencer

Here it is again! The Penny Wars! And if  you're wondering what the Penny Wars are, then you have been lost! Well the Penny Wars are when all the classes each have two jars, a negative and a positive. Silver coins count as bombs/negative coins, pennies count as positive points! And whichever class has the most pennies, gets a pizza party. Second place gets a rootbeer float party! And third place gets popsicles. The reason for the penny wars, is to get more chromebooks and ipads for our school. Also we have a goal to get to $3,000!  And if we reach our goal then we get to duct tape Mrs. Stirland to the middle of the wall!! During lunch time!

Many teachers did creative things to help reach our goal… Mr. Broadbent allowed kids to shoot bottle rockets for 50 cents before school.  Mrs. Bird's class wanted to get in the lead so they sold candy for a penny.

Watch for more to come to see if we reached our goal....



The Spelling Bee!!

By: Lyndsee Slade

The Spelling Bee was on March 16, 2016.  Each class chose their top 3 spellers who went to the school spelling bee. Here were the 3 winners.

  • 1st: Mackenzie Wall
  • 2nd: Lexie Mellen
  • 3rd: Maya Sorenson

 Good job to all who made it to the school Spelling Bee. Here are all the students who made participated:

Ameillia Beaudry, Elle McClellan, Riley Peay, Alex Leaberry, Reese Yama, Kaiden Ewell, Evelyn Cervantes, Allie Young, Ethan Crawford, Alexis mellen, Sadie Barben, Samantha Wright, Lyndsee Slade, Lucas Gonzalez, Mia King, Gentry Taylor, Brandt peterson, Maya Sorenson, Mackenzie Wall, and Isaac Fullmer.


Third grade Mall!

Ellie, Colby, and Ashton

The third grade had a Mall a couple of weeks ago.  All year long, students earned tickets for good work and cooperation.  They were able to use their tickets for items at the Mall.  Some kids were selling pixy sticks, painting fingernails, and shooting a nerf gun at Cooper and Gabriel.  Some of the teachers were buying sodas and other stuff.  Mrs. Jasperson’s favorite part was shooting Cooper and Gabriel with Nerf guns.



Ms. Van Nosdol Chosen as Daily Herald’s Utah Valley Educator of the Week.

by: Lyndsee Slade

Carrie Van Nosdol is a sixth grade teacher at Park View Elementary. She was chosen as the Daily Herald’s Utah Valley Educator of the Week. Ms. Van Nosdol is always willing to help staff and faculty members with navigating multiple technological programs, such as online math, reading, and science support. She actively researches the latest teaching strategies and shares those ideas with faculty to help improve student success.

She is the leader of her sixth grade team. She mentors interns, new teachers and student teachers almost yearly. Ms. Van Nosdol is our school's Webmaster. She posts information that keeps parents up-to-date on what is going on at school and provides resource links to help parents increase students’ success at home.

She volunteered her lunch break to assist students in a homework lab for students who do not get the support and help with schoolwork at home.


 Ms. Van Nosdol establishes a positive classroom climate where her students flourish. She sets high expectations for her students, and she gives them the confidence and support needed to meet those expectations. Parents and students love her because she truly cares about her students.

Ms. Van Nosdol received her bachelor's degree at UVU in Elementary Education and her master’s degree in Education through SUU.

Congratulations to Ms. Van Nosdol for this great achievement.  We are honored to have her part of our team here at Park View.




Park View Has Sole


All throughout March, students can contribute gently worn shoes to help support Miss Payson's fundraiser for Africa. The shoes will help bring clean water, food, and educaion to people living in Burkina Faso, West Africa as part of the nonprofit Power to Become organization. To learn more about Power to Become, visit