Robotics and STEM Program Offered at Park View


Your child has the opportunity to participate in a Robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program after school.  The program is held at Park View Elementary beginning January 25, 2016 and will run through March 14th for all students in the 4th - 6th grades.  Classes meet once a week for one or two hours after school each Monday. The cost is $55 per student.  Check with the office for registration forms.  It will be fun and educational.


Students of the Month Show Charity

When we do any good to others, we do as much, or more, good to ourselves.  Benjamin Whichcote

December was the month to think about others, serve others and show kindness.  Park View provided many opportunities to serve through the teddy bear drive, the food drive, Santa letters and the blanket and coat drive. Everyone gave of their surplus to help others who may want.   These students were nominated by their classmates for their extra charitable hearts.

Lileana Blanco, Hudson Penick, Haley Bott, Audrey Nielson, Coleman Cunningham, Gaby Smith, Cole Young, Cheyanne,Fizer,,Luis,Ruelaz, Raegan Sevy, Andrew Brines, Chloe Peavler, Zyler Frey, Allie Westring, Izaac Hunter, Lauren Bakker, Jennica Chabot, Leah Sorenson, Cooper Penick, Irie McClellan, Hadley Johnson, Trinity LeFevere, Danielle Sackley, Rylee Judd, Mckayla Haws, Amanda Johnson, Preston Beddoes, Marcos Alvarado, Zaylee Hiatt, Sabree Manning, Jake Wheeler, Maya Sorenson, Treyson Barney, Macey Chappuis, Makenzie Wall, Josyln Page, and JT LeSueur.


Welcoming Mrs. Bird

Ellie Hine
Welcoming our new 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Bird

Mrs. Prina, our favorite fifth grade teacher has left us. Her last day was just before Christmas break.  The students and faculty will miss her terribly.  She has been teaching for six years.  Some of her favorite treats are gingerbread and chocolate.  Her favorite games are Tella Striations, and Signs.  We wish her much happiness as she serves her little family.  We will always remember her smile and creative ideas.  She was an amazing teacher.                             We are so excited to welcome our new teacher Miss. Bird.  Miss. Bird has come to take the place of the beloved Mrs. Prina.  Miss. Bird loves Hershey’s chocolate with almonds, and loves working with kids.  She taught third grade, watches football, and plays mini golf.  Her favorite game is Mexican Train, and she loves Christmas. So that is Miss. Bird!  


Park View Celebrates Christmas with Learning Activities

Crafts, games, gift exchanges, cookie decorating, pajama and pizza parties, breakfast, and poem creation were all activities planned by parents and teachers to prepare for the holiday excitement.  

Here is a poem written by Mrs. Marsh's second grade class:


There once was a reindeer named Glitzen,

Who had a crush on Blitzen.

He was so cute,

And never a brute,

She always wanted to kiss him.

Now enjoy these pictures:

It Pays to Read Assembly Proves that It Pays to Read

  Students of Park View have been reading incredible amounts in order to participate in the "It Pays to Read Activity".  It was loud!  It was exciting!  It was worth reading! Two students who read the required amount of minutes were chosen from each class to assemble an all pro team to win prizes and money.  Members of the High School Basketball team and faculty members were among the candidates chosen to shoot baskets for money.  Hundreds of dollars were given away, class pizza parties were awarded and Kindle Fires were given to 8 lucky winners.  Keep reading.  There will be another "It Pays to Read Assembly" in the near future.  You may be the lucky winner! 

Singing Around the Tree Gala


The songs Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, the Grinch, and the Twelve Days of Christmas were heard ringing through the halls of Park View during the month of December as students practiced singing to prepare for the annual Singing Around the Tree.  Scores of parents came to veiw the event.  Santa even paid a visit to our school to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Our Music Specialist, Mrs. Anderson, taught each grade a song to share using insturments which enhanced the music and allowed the students to feel the music on a higher level.  The faculty finished off the program with their version of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Based on the audiance's reaction, the 8 maids a milking were a big hit.  Here are some memories of the event:

Music Brings Christmas Spirit


The Park View Choir and Orchestra performed beautiful Music to help bring the Christmas Spirit into the hearts of the students.  Thanks to all students who come before school and stay after school to practice.  Thanks to the directors, Mrs. Diana and Jami Losee for the talents they share and their dedicated service to our students.  Enjoy these pictures of the performances. 

Christmas Books and Candy Canes


The PTA organized a wonderful event for the students of our school, Christmas Books and Candy Canes.  Parents, elves and even Mrs. Claus were asked to come and share their favorite Christmas Book; each student received a Candy Cane to munch on while they listened to the stories.  This was a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit.  Thanks to all those who helped organize this special occasion for the students.

Generous Students Share Love


Park View students are showing Charity during the month of December by sharing stuffed animals, canned food and blankets or coats to cheer the hearts of their neighbors.  They were able to collect 569 stuffed animals.  The count is still out on the canned food and more information will be coming as students bring blankets and coats this week to warm souls.  Thanks or your generosity.