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Students of the Month for December

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 12/03/2011 - 09:08
2011 December Sudents of the month
2011 December Sudents of the month
2011 December Sudents of the month
2011 December Sudents of the month
Cooper Brundage, Megan Dixon, Cambrielle Fitzwater and Paisley Finch share their essays on Kindness.

Students of the Month at Park View were honored at an assembly December 2, 2011. The assembly began with a presentation by the sixth grade class. The theme was Kindness. In preparation for the assembly, the sixth grade classes took part in a writing contest in which they were to write an essay about what kindness means to them. Each class picked their favorite essay to present at the assembly. The essays chosen were written by Cambrielle Fitzwater, Cooper Brundage and Paisley Finch. Megan described kindness as courteous, responsible, respectful, and compassionate. Cooper told a personal story of how someone did something kind to him on his first day of school. Paisley recounted a story of how someone did something kind to her, and then she returned that kindness to someone else. The song and video, “Don’t Laugh at Me” was shown. This song reminded everyone that we are all different but we all want to be treated with kindness. Then the students of the month were presented. They were chosen by their teachers for their excellent achievement, positive attitudes and exemplary behavior. Congratulations to these students:

Kindergarten: Kaiden Ewell, Ava Lillywhite, Brixton Gull, Max Shirts, Spencer Baird, Kaylee Fratto, Jeffrey Likhasith, Brinley Krukiewicz, Ali Drake.

First Grade: Linda Wright, Bracen Theobald, Natalie Aldaco, Parker Allen, Jose Camba, Delia Sandoval, Ashton Pierce, Jakobie Jacobsen, Sadie Barben.

Second Grade: Seth Carter, Kyler Ewell, Allie Shepherd, Hadlie Bullock, Carter Swenson, Karli Jensen, Brayden Johnson, Skylar Cox, Hadlie Bullock, Curtis Toman.

Third Grade: Abigail Childs, Emily Reyes, Karsen Broadhead, Jackson Fitzwater, Harley Walker, David Gull, Hunter Willden, Kassidy Powell, Violet Van Koman, Gabe Toelupe, Sydney Hill, Jarret Bascom.

Fourth Grade: Alexus Losee, Talan Oleson, Katelyn Ottesen, Leah Moser, Evan Nielson, Tazieya Smith, Riley Bradford, Kayzlee Davis, Brandon Gustafson, Chase Johansen, Aly Stalcup.

Fifth Grade: Makayla Petersen, Samantha Menlove, Eric Reyes, Sara Wiberg, Cami Shelby, Kayla Quinn, Wendy Camba, Tyler Caldwell, Mindy Riding, Nathan Coombs, Calvin Schultz, Ashton Frost, Nikolais Cloward.

Sixth Grade: Megan Welton, Kenji Heimuli, Annie Rice, Sidney Brown, Michelle Rushton.