Square Dancing!

By: Lyndsee Slade and Amanda Johnson

On April 26, 2016 our school had Duane and Shauna Woodmansee come to our school from St. George, Utah to teach us how to square dance!! At first all of the kids were scared to dance with their partner because they had boy/girl partners.  But then they started to dance, and they started to have fun. We learned the curtsy, bow, dosido, and right and left arm turns. We found out that Shauna and Duane met at a square dance club at the University of Utah and have been square dancing for 47 years now. They have taught it in schools for nearly 20 years. Shauna learned to love square dancing from her parents. "When I was In 2nd grade my parents square danced. My sister and I laid in our sleeping bags in the back of our station wagon and  and watched our parents at a street dance. They always had lots of fun and had so many friends.” She also said that they have been on several square dance cruises.  ABC the ARTS and ME! Find more at www.AtrsInEducation.org.