Science Assembly

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Nail of Beds
This is a Nail Biter
Mixing Chemicals
Mrs. Ward on a Homemade Hover Craft
Human Circuit
Enoch Stepping on Broken Glass Without Shoes on!
Massive Bubble!
Mrs. Jasperson's Class with the Science Demo Team

On December first students of Park View Elementary got to experience how cool science really is! Oak Canyon Jr. High Science Demo Team came and presented several awesome science expereiments. They opened the assembly with a fire dance party. They trapped propane gas inside of a PVC pipe, sound waves from loud music moved the gases making flames emit from the PVC pipe, it was incredible! They presented on gases, chemicals, air, light, force and a lot more. Mrs. Ward and Madison Walker were privledged enough to ride on a homemade hover craft, a student was put inside of a massive bubble and for the finale... Mrs. Ellsworth laid on a bed of nails! It was nail biter ;)

Thank you Oak Canyon Jr. High Science Team!