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Park View Reflection Winners Celebrated

Submitted by joann.kirk on Sat, 12/03/2011 - 09:59
Angela Larsen
Reflection contest winners
Reflection Contest Winners

Throughout the months of September and October, the students at Park View were tapping into their creative sides and preparing artifacts for the Reflections Contest. The Theme this year was “Diversity Means” and was held under the direction of Angela Larsen, Emy Porter and the PTA. Many excellent entries were provided by the students. An assembly was held in November to honor the students who participated, and to reveal the winners. Here are the winners in each category:

Visual Arts: 

Primary Grades:  1st place - Boy and His Blob by Ashton Andrew;  2nd Place - Diversity Collage by William Dixon;  Honorable Mention - Diversity is My Family by Crystal Allen;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Flower World by Violet Andrew  2nd place - World with Colors by Lindsey Welton; Honorable Mention - Under the Sea by Kinsey Makin;  6th Grade:  1st place - Beauty is Different by Haven Johansen;  Honorable Mention - Friendship by Hagen Wright, and People Who are Different by Riley Cunningham


Primary Grades:  1st place - Beautiful Field by Millie Taylor;  2nd place - Melting Together by Madison Heaton;  Honorable Mention - Holding Hands by Ashlyn Morton;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Delicious by Kinsey Makin;  2nd Place - Diversity is Accepting Differences in Others by Summer Vaughn;  6th Grade:  1st place - Around the World by Abby Eaves;  Honorable Mention - Mythical/Non mythical Creatures by Megan Welton


Primary Grades:  1st place - Little Tree by Ellie McClellan;  2nd Place - Diversity in Fall by Bracen Theobold;  Honorable Mention - Flowers Dripping by Ellie Hine;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Different but Beautiful (ie Brown Egg) by Makell Loveless;  2nd place - It’s Ok to be Different by Makayla Caldwell;  Honorable Mention - Ashton Eaves, Emma Hinton, Wylan Broadhead;  6th Grade:  1st place - Beauty and the Beast by Sabryne Kelly;  Honorable Mention - Different Colors Living Together by Megan Welton


Primary Grades:  1st place - Diversity Poem by Ethan Dixon;  Intermediate Grades:  1st place - Diversity is… by Lindsey Welton;  6th Grade:  1st place - Diversity Feels Good by Abbie Jenson;  Honorable Mention - Diversity is … by Isabel Malloy